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The 19th group report

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Dispatch period (actual work period): From Thursday, July 21 to Thursday, July 28

Temporary housing entering


Entering to temporary housing is pushed forward at a fast pace now in Kesennuma-shi. Entering briefing session of temporary housing built today in five gate-guard office ka original athletic ground in the city. Delivery of key which about 200 households, victims approximately 500 had been waiting for. With wish, we distributed bowl, dish of Arita ware so that victims could return to original life as soon as possible. So that table to surround with my family though it is temporary becomes still more fun.

Oversized garbage disposal


In Koizumi Junior High School gymnasium of refuge, various places of victim whom entering was approximately 400 at progress, 1:00 to temporary housing became approximately 40. It was summer in season and disposed of fuel tank of damaged stove which took the warmth at first and oversized garbage including drum. All refugees enter temporary housing and wait expectantly for day to clear up gymnasium in emptiness coming.


Otani public hall summer festival


In Otani public hall of refuge, festival of forgetting heat that volunteer everybody hosted was held. Including all of temporary housing nearby, beer and Yakitori had long line, and everybody eating a food with great relish was hit.

The hot water closure of mountain cat


It is withdrawn temporary bath "hot water of mountain cat" of the Self-Defense Forces, Tsushima garrison town installed in front of Motoyoshi public hall on July 28. Temporary housing entering of victims advances and is thing by there having become few users. "Hot water of mountain cat" that everybody and volunteer victims who gathered from the whole country sweated after earthquake disaster. As for we staff thank you very much for your help.

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