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Activity report (1) of Eastern Construction Office

The last update date:

Dispatch  :Miyagi Eastern Construction Office (Ishinomaki-shi)

Dispatch period: From Wednesday, June 1 to Monday, October 31


We were dispatched in Miyagi Eastern Construction Office as reconstruction aid of the Great East Japan Earthquake on June 1. We come for support as reconstruction aid a lot from other prefectures and we cooperate in Akita, Mie, Kumamoto and, other than we Saga, will perform disaster duties for revival.

Arrival at post greetings  


We performed the situation confirmation of the damage spot by guidance of the Miyagi staff the next day. Actually, it was too shocking than expected on the site to see and, unlike TV, felt that the body was tightened for revival still more in early stage.

(joint on-site inspection)    

(the damage situation of constant river Ohashi)

(Ishinomaki-shi mall)

Joint Surveys

Constant river Ohashi

Ishinomaki-shi mall

(the damaged situation of Onagawa-cho)  

(the situation of subsidence)

 (Shinkitakami-ohashi Bridge which fell)



Shinkitakami-ohashi Bridge


Work office borrows the other facility and works. We studied multiplication system of Miyagi promptly. In addition, we did field work when we affected traffic including influence, crack in the ground and landslide caused by a wide range of subsidence and tsunamis caused by earthquake and pushed forward preparations to receive disaster assessment immediately.


(step of bridge)

(upheaval of manhole)


Bridge step

Manhole upheaval

(subsidence of road surface)

(slope Surveys)

(road surface Surveys)

The ground subsidence

Slope Surveys

Road surface Surveys




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