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Activity report (2) of Eastern Construction Office

The last update date:

Dispatch  :Miyagi Eastern Construction Office (Ishinomaki-shi)

Dispatch period: From Wednesday, June 1 to Monday, October 31


Four months are going to pass early after we were dispatched to Eastern Construction Office. I feel that frequent aftershock was slowed down at the time of dispatch considerably now.
Removal of debris advanced in Ishinomaki-shi where tsunami damage was, and streetlight of mall began to turn on in comparison with dispatch those days, and restaurants reopened by little, too.

◯Station road    (just after damage)


It is kyu according to the station square

According to the station square newly

◯The neighborhood of city hall (just after damage) 


The neighborhood of city hall 1

The neighborhood of city hall

◯National highway (just after damage) in the city


National highway 1

National highway 2


Our workplace borrows dance hall in the city and works. We compose eastern engineering works disaster team of Miyagi, Akita, Mie, the dispatch staff from Kumamoto and perform confirmation of each other's work situation in meeting once a week.

(state of office)

(regular meeting)

1 in office

2 in office


The damaged number of public engineering works facility (road and river) in charge of in this office is about 4,400. Paperwork is simplified to plan the quick spot restoration. By disaster assessment, we illustrate the on-site damaged situation by video (PC) using in-vehicle camera and GPS function. We came to be able to perform speedier disaster assessment.

(state of disaster assessment)

(we utilize IT apparatus)

Assessment method

Assessment state 2


Assessment policy of area (the inundation area) that received tsunami damage is shown, and we will enter preparations for disaster assessment of the inundation area from now on, and, also, disaster assessment must hurry to ordering of construction that was over.

We become team bullet for speedy restoration revival as here Eastern Construction Office disaster group and do our best!

(in front of office entrance)

(all the staff)

In front of entrance

All the staff




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