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The 21st group report

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Dispatch period (actual work period): From Thursday, August 4 to Thursday, August 11

Child reporter visit


We had a visit from child newspaper reporter who came from Saga. It is girl in the second year of junior high school. We went around the spots such as refuge or city hall with us of logistical support. We heard story eagerly and it was happy and felt on seeing figure which asked a question by oneself and thought that we wanted you greatly to grow up through this valuable experience. Result of coverage is going to be published in local paper in September.


Beach volleyball


We played beach volleyball with sisters of primary schoolchild who was in refuge (Koizumi Junior High School gymnasium) today. Temperature is a little less than 30 degrees gymnasium, but, after all, child is fine. "Let's do it! We were congenial spirits saying let's do it and developed exciting game. As is expected, child moved around without slowing down, but muscular pain is waiting in the great exercise to adult tomorrow.


Fireworks and chipped ice


University student who went to university of Ishinomaki went home with friend and, in open space in front of refuge, opened persimmon ice shop of one-night stand. Event makes a big success. Long line was established before three prepared chipped ice machine, and smiles of children who stuffed their mouth with ice which was cold in open space overflowed. As a lot of holdings fireworks prepared, all children who were in refuge and neighboring temporary housing were states of large satisfaction.


Curry offer  

Curry arrives from company "rarara group" in the prefecture and we cook promptly at refuge and will eat. It was very popular with everybodies, and that "Saga had so delicious curry" had voice of joy "to have curry, and to thank warm support of Saga". As it was slightly hot curry, it seems to have been popular with people who were younger than the elderly.


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