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The 22nd group report

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Dispatch period (actual work period): From Thursday, August 11 to Thursday, August 18

Ice offer


At refuge of Otani public hall, refuge inhabitants and temporary housing inhabitants gathered from 10:00 of August 16, and ice cream Festival was held. It was performed by Brazilian and the person concerned who lived in Japan by sponsorship of Christian church. Dance by young people of Brazil was shown, and there was yoyo change of behavior and children of ice cream afterwards. Portuguese flew about venue, and people who gathered enjoyed international, gorgeous atmosphere.


Fishing port Easter


Evacuation inhabitants and local people gathered in fishing port in storehouse of Koizumi district from the evening of August 16, and revival festival was held. Powerful performance of drum by children was shown after determination to condolences and revival from person of person concerned and guest to victim was spoken after having given silent prayer to person passed away. Branch was built, too and enjoyed turnout in everybody person.


Clown art


At refuge of Koizumi Elementary School, evacuation inhabitants and people from temporary housing domicile in junior high school site gathered on the evening of August 13, and summer festival was held. There were fireworks of offers such as miso cutlets by NPO corporation of Nagoya and performance of clown, fun lottery and children and spent a fun time from adult to children. We think that even some everybodies want you to get well through such an event.


Meal serving meals  

At refuge of Kesennuma general gymnasium, it is still evacuated about 120 people. One of our support activities has serving meals help of meal. We set the table with turn at night every day with noon. We serve rice and, in succession to miso soup, hand prepared side dish beforehand. Refuge life is prolonged, and everybody mind and body look great together, but it seems to be one of the pleasure in time for meal.


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