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Activity report of Shiogama public health center jurisdiction (Miyagi) dispatch team

The last update date:

Dispatch  :Shiogama public health center jurisdiction (Miyagi)

Dispatch period: From Friday, March 18 to Tuesday, June 28

※21 groups 67 dispatch in total


Dispatch first group

On March 15, we pack two rent-a-cars with food or pharmaceutical products and leave Saga towards Miyagi prefectural government office. It became movement while it examined route with the person in charge of Saga in chain regulation by heavy snow from the Hokuriku district, and it was around the daytime of 18th that we came with Sendai. (the first group)

The second group transfer

On the night of March 20, we received transfer about the situation of stricken area and main support contents from the first group of dispatch team at hotel and comprised for support activity in Tagajo-shi from tomorrow. In the hotel, water, electricity restored, but shower was water. (the second group)

Infectious disease countermeasures

Infectious gastroenteritis is prevalent at the beginning of April, refuge of Tagajo-shi. It was hectic with restroom cleaning that we used emergency conveyance of taken a sudden turn in dehydration and isolation of symptomatic person, processing, sodium hypochlorite of vomitus to chase. We carried out mini-lecture of the infection prevention. (the third group)

Home visit  On May 31, we visited temporary housing led by elderly person household and received body and mental health consultation. We lost thing which was important for each everybody and it looked like it was had a hard time for new new life and acted in hearing story. It was not possible to hold out camera to victim all the time, but at last we got the consent and took moving picture of health nurse. (the 16th group)


Of ... dispatch staff (dietician) notice; ...

Dispatch  :Shiogama public health center jurisdiction (Miyagi)

Dispatch period: From Wednesday, June 8 to Tuesday, June 14 ※Activity of the 18th group


Moving sale is super

In the beginning of June, moving sale car with major supermarket came to temporary housing in the Shiogama city several times in week. For moving sale, thing necessary for life is prepared from perishables to daily necessities to some extent. This moving sale was finished in the middle of June, and shopping bus to supermarket seemed to be operated afterwards.

Moving sale fishmonger By moving sale of Uoya, fresh fish is sold. Various processed foods or vegetables were sold as well as that, too. It was impressive that a lot of processed foods such as salting products were piled up on this track.
Lunch lunch It is lunch of refuge (Tagajo-shi) provided on holiday with the middle of June. Hot meal is provided by distribution of boiled rice by volunteer at refuge, but lunch such as photograph may sometimes appear. Difficulty of vegetables intake in refuge was indicated.



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