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The 23rd group report

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Dispatch period (actual work period): From Thursday, August 18 to Thursday, August 25

Bath cleaning


There is simple noo bath donated by volunteer in refuge of Hamaku multi-purpose meeting place. There becomes oasis of refugees while there are many refuges having only shower. The bath cleaning is one of the job of the dispatch staff, too. We polish up carefully from around 15:00 and put hot water every day. It is great work, but does our best to provide even slightly comfortable environment.


Balloon art

Kids event was held today in front of Otani public hall which was refuge. We might say temporary housing more than 180 in front of public hall, and many children came over and enjoyed the weekend in the end of in chipped ice, cotton candy yoyo fishing and summer vacation. Balloon art that I produced attracted children's attention and had you please very much.

Saga paste


While we inspected Minamisanriku-cho disaster prevention government building, we saw flag of "toasted laver". When we were interested and approached, it was "Saga paste" that was over there. As for the wife of laver wholesale dealer, shop was strolled around by tsunami, and shop seemed to be reopened at last in the same place. When tell that we came from Saga; if "choose laver which I am professional of laver, and is the most delicious, it is always in Ariake laver. As I cooked seaweed that Saga was delicious, it was able to revive. Convey appreciation; seemed to be uncool. We listened to good story by accidental encounter.


Yukata distribution NPO corporation did help to distribute more than 140 yukatas that "meetings to make custom in kimono" were collected from the whole country to everybodies of stricken area. When we arrived in Kesennuma "big catch flag Festival" of venue, we already had lines of about 100 people for rearranging ticket. We had you choose the favorite first place from many yukatas slowly and carefully, and which "we said and thought" had voice of joy that there was much which "it was in yukata durability in this" in venue.


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