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The 25th group report

The last update date:

Dispatch period (actual work period): From Thursday, September 1 to Thursday, September 8

Damage situation authorization


One of the dispatch staff helps house damage authorization Surveys necessary for issuance of ri evil proof secondary to group in front. Surveys contents degree of leaning and outer wall of house, confirmation of the basic damage situation. We explain findings to landlord, and one Surveys ends. We follow this six or seven per day. Of course, as for the living person, as for the crazing such as walls, degree of leaning of house in particular is worried about.


Stricken area inspection


As people of association of Ogi construction industry came to Kesennuma-shi for inspection from Saga, we guided the neighborhood of Kesennuma Mukainada High School that suffered serious damage by tsunami. In this neighborhood, house or factory encounter damage, and some buildings of reinforcing rod remain. Windowpane could break Mukainada High School to the third floor of 4-story school building, too, and terribleness of this earthquake disaster seems to have been done in one of everybody eyes. Because of the profession, structure of broken road and building was inspected with fascination.


Business trip hair salon


Business trip law of nature hair salon by beauticians who came from Osaka at refuge (general gymnasium) was opened today. As for the person who waited expectantly for this day, it seems to have been a lot, early in the morning of waiting was able to stand in line. State that victims who were tired from long-term refuge life had you had you cut hair and massage, and was refreshed. In addition, Tohoku accent and happy conversation to mingle of Osaka dialect were developed consistently, and heart seemed to be healed, too.


The refuge closure


Entering such as temporary housing of all the refugees of Koizumi Junior High School gymnasium (refuge) is decided, and our refuge will be closed on September 4 of the 178th day by earthquake disaster. Prior to the closure, we got cooperation of volunteer person and a great number of people who already left refuge and cleaned the whole refuge. It was sweated for everybody cleaning activity while thinking of refuge life of about half a year.


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