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Request (July 22, 2014) from Ministry of Defense

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Interview of Governor Furukawa and Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda


Request from Ministry of Defense
 Saga prefectural government office was visited, and Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda was called for about use of Self-Defense Forces of Saga Airport. 

Interview contents (video, text)

The Governer temporariness press conference We open with the other window(have a visit from Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda)


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Interview contents (video, text)

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[the following, the remark whole sentence at the time of interview]


○Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda
 Then good morning. At first, we would like to be very grateful to having had very valuable time from early morning.
 In addition, though we are places regretting very, some news against fact is related to that about what was done and I'm sorry to have troubled you very much want to tell thing about apology to people concerned about this matter deeply this time at the Governer beginning.
 It maintains apron in place that is next to Saga Airport specifically that wants to deploy military unit of tilting rotor such as Osprey which problem and land and water movement corps of the Ground Self-Defense Force where it is are going to own at Saga Airport by all means though we think outline explanation to have been considered to be toward the Governor Furukawa from Onodera (defense) minister at first on 17th to have visited you this time and hopes to use runway of Saga Airport for taking off and landing.
 In addition, about helicopter deployed in eyes Tatsubara garrison town where becoming goes ahead through city to in total, we want to deploy at Saga Airport.
 Therefore, for size of deployment, member whom 17 tilting rotors of land and water movement group, helicopter about 50 of eyes Tatsubara are stationed is thinking about around 800 from 700.
 In addition, we hope to utilize Saga Airport for Okinawa burden reduction.
 We consider letting the U.S. Marine Corps use Saga Airport as the government.
 Though there is not, in the U.S. forces Futenma Air Station being transferred to Henoko, change strongly demands operational stop within five years of the Futenma Air Station from Governor Nakaima of Okinawa to this own body. We are thinking about using Saga Airport till Henoko is completed temporarily to meet strong request of Okinawa though we cannot tell that we are predicable as this is story of the U.S. forces operation.
 We assume that we adjust as far as we do not exceed plane of the Ground Self-Defense Force and plane of the U.S. forces, the largest around 70 planes of apron that we are going to maintain this time in total if this is realized.
 We think that concrete facility wants the west of airport to maintain apron from 20 to 30 hectares and related facilities such as necessary hangars, taxiway binding apron and runway together again.
 Therefore, we are thinking about the purchase of necessary site and do with plan including necessary site acquisition expenses for roughly estimated budget demand of 2015.
 As we perform full-scale training about the use form of concrete Saga Airport in practice ground, we may not perform at Saga Airport, but hope to use for comings and goings to arrival and departure training and practice.
 In addition, about use of airport planned time, we hope to use along airport management by-law basically.
 Also, there is even if we do with deployment ahead such as tilting rotors of land and water movement corps of the Ground Self-Defense Force when we examined what's called way of security of our country and defense seriously when we judge that it is the best to use Saga Airport for burden on Okinawa reduction as the government.
 Though we gave outline explanation about wanting to have understanding from policy and the Governer beginning, us now, reserve would appreciate your providing opinion that there is not. Thank you.

○Governor Furukawa
 It is Yasushi Furukawa of Saga the Governer.
 At first, there was story from Senior Vice Minister Takeda in the beginning. It is remark about the news unlike fact, but we are really in trouble for us, and, according to thing different from fact and news niyorebadegozaimasukeredomo, the government officials, it will be said and cannot understand whether thing different from why the fact appears from mouth of government officials at all. About this, it is place to feel really regrettable.
 As we do not have time about this though we can want to express in various ways either, Senior Vice Minister comments on way of thinking, thought at our present about told matter some time ago promptly.
 Saga Airport took approximately 30 years until completion since the Governer at the time expressed construction to Kawasoemachi in 1969. There is problem of Minamata disease in those days, too and it is fact that there was very intense objection from local people in dread of environmental pollution, various places of fishermen, such various places and is forced to interruption of business for twice during this period the other day.
 Meanwhile, effort of ancient people and thought that we wanted to connect with local development and improvement of convenience by making airport in this Saga bore fruit somehow and were thing finished as airport under prefectural management in July, 1998.
 Story called effort and trouble of the last ancient people is told us in various forms, and it is feeling pressingly to have had local various places cooperate how much before we reach that.
 The state does not still change. We get understanding of local people, and the stable use is still kept. Of course, as for the local people concerned, it was already Saga-shi now Saga-shi (Saga-gun at the time). Let alone Saga-shi, Yanagawa-shi, we think that this airport is supported with deep apprehension of various people concerned.
 About this Saga Airport, user records record-high 372,000 people with grace state in last year. In addition, it is that there were 69,582 people, the number of the increase about 70,000, and, in number of the increase, this of user of Tokyo flight in these 4 years, in this, it is on the top in Haneda line of the whole country 48 Airport though there is as the absolute number. We have high evaluation to be airport rare nationwide where number of users increases from president of ANA steadily. As a result, there is Tokyo flight on last July 1 when it is become the fifth flight and Narita service makes a round trip 2 more on 1st from next month 1 and is to go into service.
 On the other hand, this is number that is the third most in eight airports of Kyushu though it is six a week roundtrips about international flight.
 In this way, it is airport having such strong thought that Saga Airport is already playing a role as doorway in Kyushu regardless of international, the country and wants to do for us at airport which potential is high, so carries role now bigger as Kyushu and base Airport of LCC in Asia.
 Saga Airport having heavy history and big possibility for a long time, this Saga Airport must not have possibilities to betray sweat and tears, expectation of people who, moreover, expect possibility of Saga Airport as base Airport of LCC that many people drained that the Self-Defense Forces which there was of suggestion are just used at this time until now to express, is thinking in this way.
 In addition, there are some process about Saga Airport, too.
 One point is pollution control agreement. We concluded pollution control agreement in various forms, but there are memorandum, thing called attachment material in there and lists that the prefecture does not have thought sharing Saga Airport with the Self-Defense Forces in there. In addition, resolution that Saga assembly objected to transference to Saga Airport of the U.S. forces Futenma Air Station was done in March, 2010.
 In addition, relief of citizen of the prefecture life may be called my position to keep. Though it is question whether is why Saga Airport, or thing called Osprey seems to come since it is my duty to keep relief of citizen of the prefecture life, and this time was reported in citizen of the prefecture regardless of cause, as for the noise, voice of such an anxiety is put to target whether you are really safe by please it being possible for such a thing whether it is.
 It gives enough explanations about such a thing including the local person concerned with responsibility for citizen of the prefecture or we prefecture as the government, and it gets understanding, and it is considering to have you ensure the security of citizen of the prefecture life that necessary.
 That is just all from me.

○Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda
 Though we understand enough that citizens of the prefecture are held, and they do not hold strong thought for Saga Airport to me, it being said with the detailed contents about this memorandum again in the past though it is point that the Governer pointed out now, we understand about there having been things called various process such as pollution control agreements.
 Besides we want to promise thing called making sure not to make any letting neighborhood inhabitants have anxiety about the noise and safety measures on realizing what's called our request in that.
 In addition, we think that we want it is sincere about which point and to cope with us faithfully if we can have asking at any time if there are point of concern and point that you must clarify in discussing this story in future, and pushing forward again in future in this way.


○Governor Furukawa
 Excuse me, may we confirm?
 As for the strong subject of concern of we first, Saga Airport that you must develop from now on as civil airport is very anxious about obstruction of the use as civil airport having possibilities to occur by this proposal. In that department, how.


○Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda
 It thinks that there must not be this that we impede what's called ability as civil airport, and naturally thing called consideration for such a part intends to do us.
 In addition, we want to ask for having you put frank opinion from every angle in total as we want to push forward about various operational aspects while naturally talking with Saga now.


○Governor Furukawa
 We had the word consideration now, but Saga Airport is airport under prefectural management though we think when civilian airplane goes into airport of the Self-Defense Forces basically and uses so that it will be said that we have you right consider. As establisher and manager are us, at first, we want to tell about there being that it is not to say consideration.
 And, in the last, it is to another one point by time relations, is this suggestion transference to Saga Airport of Futenma base now when concrete image did not spring out in the current story too much, but asks about the use of these U.S. forces only as for one point?


○Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda
 It is not transference of Saga Airport of Futenma Airport (base).


○Governor Furukawa
 When it is not so.


○Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda
 Yes. In Futenma, in transference, this to Henoko, as for this directionality, as for the change, there are none entirely. It is that there is thing called temporary possibility using, and it never occurs that Futenma base moves to Saga Airport till Henoko is completed as there is part not to be able to reach in us called operation of the U.S. forces in stop, this within five years when Okinawa the Governer calls operational as said some time ago.


○Governor Furukawa
 As time for start became slightly late, we have shortened than plan, but I hear that there is the next plan. Though it is repeated, Saga Airport is airport which commercial airplane can release and thinks that you must not have difficulty in line expansion, expansion of number of service, development as base Airport of LCC, such a thing in the future of this. We hope to confirm in various forms continuously in the future now as there is part which has not made will yet. Though we check with this, and there was from Senior Vice Minister, we think whether there are many various uneasy points that citizen of the prefecture has, points where it is not revealed.
 As we ask about these points, we want to ask for faithful answer.
 It hopes to be decided that we asked about way of thinking of the government at the present today.


○Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda
 In having had very valuable time, we want to be very grateful.
 We want to ask for having you put frank opinion in future as we will cope in all sincerity. Thank you very much today.

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