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My number system (summary)

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With my number (social security, tax number system)

 My number (social security, tax number) refers number of one one toward all having resident's card and manages information effectively in social security, tax, the field of anti-disaster measures and is utilized to confirm that personal information to exist to plural engines is information of identical person.

 My number raises convenience of the nation and we promote efficiency and it is social infrastructure realizing fair and fair society and greatly includes administration three for effect to be expected. 

(1) Submission documents to government office decrease

  Administrative procedure including reduction of attached documents is simplified, and burden on nation is reduced. Confirmation of own information that administration has,

     It becomes possible to receive announcement of various services from administration.


(2) Reduction of administrative waste

     Time and labor needing for collation, posting, input of various information in administration or local public entity are largely reduced. Cooperation advances between plural duties, and procedure smoothens in accuracy.


(3) Prevention of careful administrative services and unjust receipt

      It becomes easy to grasp the receipt situation of income and administrative services and avoids burden unfairly and prevents that we receive payment illegally, and people who are really in trouble come to be able to perform smooth support.



About reference

About "my number synthesis toll free number"

 More detailed information, please identify my number (social security, tax number system) homepage of Cabinet Office about my number. .             
 My number synthesis toll free number is established. 

   Common question (FAQ) and latest information of my number system are placed in homepage of my number (social security, tax number system) of Cabinet Office. We link to special sites such as personal information protection Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, National Tax Agency, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Please search with "my number".


 "Call center of general toll free number" of my number is established. My number wanting to know person having any questions about "notice card" and "my number card" (personal number card) including overall system and more detailed information, please feel free to contact.

Phone number 0120-95-0178 ※Foreign language-adaptive window is established, too.


From establishment time weekdays 9:30 to 20:00

     From Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:30 to 17:30 (except New Year holidays)

※About stop of card by loss or theft of "my number card" (personal number card), we cope 24 hours a day, every day.


About "my number complaint mediation consultation counter"

 We install complaint mediation consultation counter with telephone to perform necessary mediation about proposal of complaint about the handling of my number in personal information protection Committee.
 Anyone can use person having complaint about the handling of specific personal information.
※Personal information protection Committee is third-party organization of Cabinet Office external bureau assuming that we take measures necessary to find other appropriate handling duty while considering usefulness of my number or other specific personal information.
  Phone number 03-6457-9585 


From establishment time 9:30 to 17:30 (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and New Year holidays)


There be at consultation desk

    1. Introduction of other consultation counters having jurisdiction over contents of complaint
    2. Transmission (when committee admits that they are necessary) of contents of complaint to the other party of complaint
    3. Agency to Directing when there was act against measures determined by the number method
    4. Mediation when the other party and fight of complaint accrued over complaint

Consultation example

    1. We stated complaint in company, but do not have you cope.
    2. We are dissatisfied with response for complaint of the proprietor, but do not know what I should do.
    3. Specific personal information leaks out in company, and own information may begin to flow.
    4. Own information is not managed appropriately without measure established in number law being done.
    5. Inappropriate processing about specific personal information is accomplished in a certain company.

For more details, please confirm this.

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