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To citizens of Saga (July 22, 2014)

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To citizens of Saga (July 22, 2014)  



 On July 22, 2014, there was request about use of Self-Defense Forces of Saga Airport from Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda. Also, we tell citizens of the prefecture about what Governor Furukawa told them about, being thinking about this request what kind of request it was.



Have a visit from ... Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda to citizens of Saga; and ... [to video YouTube] (10 minutes 57 seconds)


On Tuesday, July 22, Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda came and was done the prefecture, and I had a talk.
Contents of story mainly about three matters.

We want to use 1 Saga Airport as deployment of military unit of tiruto rotor machine of land and water movement group of the Ground Self-Defense Force (so-called Osprey).
We want to deploy helicopter deployed in garrison town of eyes Tatsubara where becoming goes ahead 2 through city area to in addition at Saga Airport.
We consider letting Saga Airport inflect temporarily in the U.S. forces as the government till Henoko finishes 3 for burden reduction of Okinawa again.
It was request to want you to cooperate about these matters.

Prior to these requests, there was remark that "sincerely apologized in part news to be against fact about this matter having caused people concerned trouble about what was done very much at the Governer beginning" from Senior Vice Minister about the beginning of interview, part news, "there was request to want Saga Airport to inflect unofficially in the Self-Defense Forces from Saga side".
There is no that we requested the Self-Defense Forces for utilization of Saga Airport from Saga side really. I am totally sorry for this wrong information having spread by this news.

In addition, as Saga Airport is in the red, there was news media commenting on which we requested the Self-Defense Forces for, but is false at all.
Tokyo flight of Saga Airport updates record-high number of users after increase in the number of flights (the fourth flight) of November, 2008 every year.
The number of the increase of users from 2008 to 2012 (69, 582) is number of the top in Tokyo flight of the whole country 48 Airport except Iwakuni Airport founded during this period.
From Sasanabe, president of ANA, we had high evaluation, "it was airport rare nationwide where number of users of Saga Airport increased steadily.", and making realized the third increase in the number of flights and five flights that it was in the first day of this month.
In addition, on 1st, Narita service will go into service by 2 roundtrips a day next month, and flight in this way for metropolitan areas almost doubles with 7 roundtrips a day from roundtrip on 4 on past 1st to run after this.
Furthermore, Seoul service goes into service by three a week roundtrips to opening of facility for exclusive use of international flight of last December, and, as for the number of service (six a week roundtrips) of international flight that put Shanghai services together, it is the third place next to Fukuoka, Kagoshima Airport in airport of Kyushu.
In addition, there is number of two number of the service of overseas LCC at the national fifth place and high position next to Kansai, Narita, Fukuoka, the central part. Furthermore, we are working on invitation activity of new line positively now.
We cannot ask the Self-Defense Forces for utilization from this in this way though it is Saga Airport where development is remarkable. News media makes the income and expenditure difference article as deficit well.
Calculation methods are different, but, in income exceeding expenditure in local management Airport 57 Airport that national regular service goes into service, there is only Okayama Airport each. 23 airports out of 26 airports have a deficit about state control Satoshi Airport. Number of users is so even in much Fukuoka Airport. Everybody would appreciate your knowing these as fact, too.

Well, we return to the main subject.
We answered from me for these requests as follows.
In 1 Saga Airport, growth of number of users finally grows up since plan by difficulty of ancient people and understanding of local people now at top-class airport in the whole country at finished airport for about 30 years.
It will be airport aiming at what we develop as base Airport of LCC in future. Thing, this that there is not become premise for the use as civil airport of Saga Airport where this talk did it this way or invitation of new line, trouble of development such as increase in the number of flights above all.
There is material attached to memorandum of pollution control agreement that linked 2 to hometown (fishermen's cooperative association concerned) at the time of construction again at Saga Airport, and, also, there is process that "resolution to object to transference to Saga Airport of the U.S. forces Futenma Air Station" is approved in Saga assembly in March, 2010.
3 of I have duty to keep relief of citizen of the prefecture life regardless of cause as Saga the Governer.
In citizens of the prefecture, voice of anxiety, "it may be in target" "the noise" question "why is Saga Airport?" and "safety of Osprey" is put since this time was reported. About these, it is necessary to have you explain enough for the prefecture let alone citizens of the prefecture including the local person concerned with responsibility as the government.

In contrast, from Senior Vice Minister
We think that we cannot impede what's called ability as 1 civil airport. As we want to be able to go ahead about operational aspects while talking with everybody of Saga, we want you to put frank opinion.
We are understanding 2 as oneself about various process that you pointed out and we are based on such a process well and want to cope.
We want to promise to be absolutely sure so that we do not let inhabitants of neighborhood have anxiety about the noise, safety measures.
Suggestion about this Futenma Air Station is not transference to Saga Airport of the U.S. forces Futenma Air Station 3 again. Futenma base has no change in directionality transferring to Henoko entirely. It means that the U.S. forces may use temporarily till Henoko is completed.
There was remark called this.

Finally from me
Wanting to change 1, and that Saga Airport is airport for the private use, and, at first, this suggestion premises that it should not be trouble of development as civil airport, and to confirm well in future.
It wanting to do question in various ways to feel 2 worried about citizens of the prefecture in total.
We talked about this and said that we wanted it to decide that we asked about proposal today.

We would appreciate your seeing state of the later interview on homepage of the prefecture, but "the yes and no as of today is blank paper for question "how about stance of the Governer as of today?." and Senior Vice Minister showed as aim does not intend to judge main question from of reporter in total at the end of August when we introduce. We ask about hometown, assembly, voice of people concerned and spend time and argue and reply, we judge.
"It is honesty question whether financial affairs side becomes stable for question of purpose "that there may be merit to become stable financing side when the Self-Defense Forces will use deficit Saga Airport" again when the Self-Defense Forces use airport. Though the use and line reclamation of Saga Airport advance, what want to strongly say makes a reply of the purpose called not wanting you to disturb.

In the country, it was had a talk with Saga parliamentary speaker, Mayor Saga, Saga-shi parliamentary speaker, Ariake Sea fishermen's cooperative association ealdorman after interview with me.

It will be said that discussion will start from now on while many people concerned are.
We do not know route in the future at all. I mean, about this thing, business actor is country. We think that it is that it is called into question whether country can get understanding of all of the relations.
At first, as for the work of the prefecture, this suggestion thinks that it is confirmation of whether there is not for trouble after having arranged remark of this Senior Vice Minister though Saga Airport develops in the same way as airport for commercial airplane until now.
After that, we want to watch closely how the local various places beginning-related all of you think. Of course it will be necessary to confirm dot of anxiety and question that citizen of the prefecture is held in as needed in country.

The above is my way of thinking for this problem in the present.
We talked even about press conference, but, about matter of this field, there are not experience and knowledge that are enough for the prefectural office.
Myself am recognizing that what we express as of today is not complete, too.
We want to, so to speak, think while running.

Saga the Governer Yasushi Furukawa

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