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The Governer visit (August 25, 2014) of Minister of Defense Onodera

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Interview of Governor Furukawa and Minister of Defense Onodera


Visit of Minister of Defense Onodera
 Saga prefectural government office was visited, and Minister of Defense Onodera was called for about Saga Airport use of the Self-Defense Forces following Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda visited on July 22 again.

  In contrast, we repeated so that information that was necessary for it being premise that did not have problem in development of Saga Airport as civil airport, again local various places was provided enough and asked again.


Interview contents (video, text)

The Governer interview that we have a visit from Minister of Defense OnoderaWe open with the other window


Interview contents (video, text)

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 ○Minister of Defense Onodera
 Good morning. We have all of you of Saga take time in this way at the Governor Furukawa beginning, and thank you today.
 It is July recently that we visited, but there is from Senior Vice Minister Takeda for request the Self-Defense Forces which are here to ask may use Saga Airport for as tiruto rotor machine, deployment ahead that will plan deployment in future today.
 In addition, similarly, for burden on noise reduction, we may use Saga Airport, and it seems to be said, and, military unit of helicopter of the Ground Self-Defense Force which is in eyes Tatsubara that is in Saga in total, city area thinks currently as making advances.
 Of course this premise understands that Saga Airport is made good use of including globalization variously enough now. We think whether it may inflect in form not to spoil function of Saga Airport as the civil airport.
 In addition, in introduction of tiruto rotor machine, there is MV-22 which the U.S. forces Marine Corps of Okinawa using similar body uses, but it seems to be said that we want to increase training moves for burden on Okinawa reduction on the mainland if possible and is just thinking about this in future. It is thought may inflect for Okinawa burden reduction including the training move.
 What say our way of thinking of this time by all means thinks with measure that is important at all to protect this security of Japan, life and property of Japanese people. We will make an effort while explaining to local everybody carefully to wipe out various anxiety, and this wants to work as the whole government in future.
 In addition, in what we will understand by all means, tiruto rotor machine, plane representative most now are Osprey, but, for example, or, as for the ability of this plane, ability at the time of disaster is ability of remote island defense, superior plane at all as the Self-Defense Forces. We let, in fact, you get on, but safety is superior plane in helicopter of the U.S. forces flying more than 100,000 hours most, and I am that this is used for the American President frequently twice now, too. About safety, we are wanting to do we explanation well.
 Thank you very much for taking time in this way today. We wanted to appreciate your understanding for security of Japan. Thank you.


○Governor Furukawa
 Then we express word from me.
 As Minister of Defense Onodera stands and was said hello, at first, I stand and want to tell about greetings.
 Minister of Defense Onodera wants to sincerely usually show respect for being really made effort for accomplishment of defense policy of our country.
 In addition, he/she comes to Saga in this way, and as stakeholder is, for such a place, minister oneself is evaluating the feeling that wants to be explained as us very much, and the person concerned that there is many wants to offer my gratitude for the busy inside of various situation for having had you do it this way as well as Saga and Saga.
 About January passes after Senior Vice Minister of Defense Takeda can come. Though various exchanges and explanation might be correct with base businesslike the other day, for my impression, got into full swing still more; is thinking that is not exchanged. Parts now most from the Minister of Defense of story of Senior Vice Minister Takeda as there was remark that shoved some in though think whether was the same when there is, about that, would like to confirm from me.
 Excuse me, we sit down and talk.
 At first, though it is the first point, in meaning called our subject of concern, it is not form along remark of minister, but what we are interested in most had you make a comment from minister, but it is airport made for developing as civil airport at airport which Saga Airport stands on the serious effort of ancient people, and opened and is airport which got understanding of the person concerned in such a thing. Therefore, anyway, it is my recognition from now on that it is in premise that it asks about this story to be able to continue developing as civil airport.
 There was story to want to inflect in form not to spoil function as civil airport from minister now. At the age of Senior Vice Minister recent Takeda, there was remark to consider such a thing without knowing airport naraiza of state control law of nature or Ministry of Defense management though there was as this airport was airport of prefectural management when I told about that not looking good with the word consideration. In that respect, we had an impression whether it was what had you understand our feeling in form that went step further when we did when utilization in form not to spoil function as civil airport that was today's words of minister was with our reputation than story of Senior Vice Minister when we made hoarse.
 Moreover, civilian airplane operating and civilian airplane which we will go into service from now on and plan, as for us, Saga Airport this as base Airport of LCC is wanting to develop now. We want to tell about thing in form that does not have problem in such a thing being premise of this story some other time. That is the first point.
 And it is whether we must deploy why tiruto rotor machine, so-called Osprey though we say that this refers to us well about the second point, or there is as question comes and that reason why Saga Airport was chosen as in that would be what.
 There was story that is concrete about that from Minister of Defense about safety very much in a while ago though inquiry is many places, but, about this, is thinking that we would like that it follows about this and answers question of citizen of the prefecture in form that it is various in a businesslike manner again.
 And there was suggestion, but was place that we considered about story to be concerned with the third point U.S. forces in deployment of tiruto rotor machine of the Ground Self-Defense Force where there was story from minister and move of the second point eyes Tatsubara, this form that was thinking about two as Ministry of Defense, so was clear when the third point had to talk about the use of the U.S. forces last time. Afterwards, according to what to hear by the news, various adjustment seems to be performed between the U.S. forces, and we are asked in form that it is various about whether it is the same whether it is different in having visited story in then and the current state, too.
 It was way of speaking called utilization including training move, but may we understand this some time ago in the present as it was story to plan that the U.S. forces perform training performed in the future in Okinawa in form using Saga Airport?
 About the above-mentioned point, we would appreciate comment.


○Minister of Defense Onodera
 At first, utilization as civil airport was, but, in this, plane which I boarded was full today. We understand enough that customers that Saga Airport is used now increase very much and, also, hear Kyushu that included LCC, Saga in future to Asian tourist with place of popularity at all. It seems to be said that community improvement is done assuming such a thing continuously, and we understand.
 Therefore if, at first, about deployment of military unit of helicopter of this Ground Self-Defense Force, military unit of tiruto rotor machine, thing as private airport is rather important. As this thinks that it is necessary for the best to pay attention not to disturb the operation, after all, basics impress that it is airport contributing to development of Saga as private airport to we liver and are thinking in premise.
 Way of thinking to want to transfer military unit of helicopter including tiruto rotor machine here this time is requirement that, at first, one point is geographical in this way in that. In fact, I had request recently from Ogasawara-mura and boarded Osprey of the U.S. forces. The Self-Defense Forces carry role important at all on transportation, this of emergency while many remote islands are in Japan, and such a remote island doing not always go as we want is in airport. There are a lot of remote islands in that including pigeon, Okinawa in the Kyushu area in particular. As one base of transportation of emergency to such what, we think that this geographical place is very important. Japan has wide range to east and west to the north and south, but rather there is this Kyushu in the geographical environment playing a key role when we consider with southwest area where this included Okinawa in. Therefore one point of wanting to use Saga, Saga Airport this time.
 Then we want to maintain that it is said with amphibious land and water movement group that we included remote island defense or can play an active part for disaster in future. Naturally it is very functional that this land and water movement group and military unit of this tiruto rotor machine work together.
 And we assume place of this land and water movement group and want to think about sakihenjiku, here of Sasebo and Aiura whom there is in Sasebo of Nagasaki now as the center of military unit if possible. Then, for Saga Airport being very effective and way of thinking using Saga Airport for one more, we talked some time ago, but, seeing from geographical environment including access to there, there is military unit of helicopter of the Self-Defense Forces of eyes Tatsubara that is in Saga. We think whether we may utilize Saga Airport while becoming goes ahead through city area as it is military unit of helicopter which as it is said that reduction of damage of the noise is necessary as possible, similarly the Ground Self-Defense Force applies in total.
 It is reason why the above chose this airport as by problem of operation of the geographic situation called Saga and the Self-Defense Forces in Saga.
 It is the relationship between the third point U.S. forces. We push forward while having you understand, but, for example, we fill up or maintain, or, as the whole we government, such a place is just just concentrating on Iwakuni about training move on the mainland of Osprey for burden reduction of Okinawa in that in place where this is all over Japan state when Osprey of the U.S. forces came to Japan. But we have you accept 15 aerial tankers called KC-130 of Futenma in Iwakuni, and, also, carrier plane will be deployed in Iwakuni in future. As we maintain facilities of tiruto rotor machine similar as such inside, place of even slightly many we burden reduction whether it is the next several years, we consider that we cannot ask for using, for example, there in refueling, maintenance, others at the time of training of the U.S. forces on the mainland if possible in total. We have such a story that U.S. Forces in Japan and we have already discussed about this variously and welcome from the U.S. forces. But we give an explanation that we want to just push forward such a thing in the U.S. forces with understanding of Saga continuously about all premises as, at first, understanding, this of all of you of Saga are premises.


○Governor Furukawa
 Thank you. We think that we can ask about place that this Saga Airport is right lot another just a little over one or two points.
 The first point is surely called the home port of land and water movement group, or port becoming base understands us about it having been in Sasebo. When we ask and make up, both there being usable airport near and we are places intelligible as common sense that that is common. Besides, we are asked that there may be base of the Self-Defense Forces or private airport by near what well from Sasebo when we do this. While there are them, we would appreciate your telling about having thought of that Saga Airport is rather suitable.


○Minister of Defense Onodera
 This thinks that there is each characteristic in each area, but, at first, it does with place of Saga Airport and is not complete, but it is one point that, after all, there are not so many private houses around airport and to have possibilities to be such a place that is easy to make an effort that can reduce environment where we included the noise in in environment to face the sea if possible.
 We this is problem of operation of military unit of the Ground Self-Defense Force, but the other is to ask about utilization of Saga Airport in two meanings when it may be for burden on inhabitants reduction around eyes Tatsubara in transference of eyes Tatsubara garrison town in the prefecture as there is military unit of helicopter becoming the core in Kyushu in eyes Tatsubara garrison town in same Saga.


○Governor Furukawa
 We are how old slightly or, about having had you speak now, are liking to do the exchanges that we further shoved again in a businesslike manner.
 In addition, we think whether point having few is exactly like that, and, on the other hand, we think whether point to face the sea is exactly like that, but though the private house is reason that there is not, farmhouse which he/she cultivates there comes or there is surely even production center of paste which is the first in Japan in sea, Ariake Sea from other airports again neighboring private houses. As he/she lives on the stage of such a thing and comes, it is fact from such that such a voice comes out whether it is not polluted environment whether it is all right and is thinking that we understand about such a thing well and can ask.
 And in form that is various to us during until today after Senior Vice Minister can come though various places where is various as well as minister are explained for various people from now on, and think that it may be in timing exchanged opinions that unfortunately is asked about what is almost reported via the news practically whether local various places hear how this story properly though throw, and there is place such as the presentation of maul question, everybody, though such exchanges are just appearing even on the Internet, and can see; can hold, and there is few asked about story by of directly this Ministry of Defense glub-glub. Though we are thinking that it may be all premises that kichittorito has you talk directly about having to agree if it is said, and it is bad, or what have you have you explain right thing properly and answer question hears story, or it being in topic that, at first, this is all in the world not such a thing, and there is as we think that it cannot be possible for people who it is said promptly, and heard bad judgment, there breaks a sweat by all means and is thinking that we want you to explain from country well.
 And it seems to be said that one opportunity when you came today was report about picking up on roughly estimated budget demand and is calling, but thinks that we will not be in a position to tell about performing roughly estimated budget demand this as the inside procedure of Ministry of Defense in various ways in this sense as we are not doing way of procedure to require budget after having got all the consent with the ground incarnation or the person concerned when we require budget when us does public works project.
 It is repeated, but as we think that, anyway, it is that talks what should do in that that information necessary for inhabitants is provided properly come out, we ask for enough explanation to by all means and should be comment from me.


○Minister of Defense Onodera
 Thank you. There was as worry to fishery, but, in fact, I was just working as researcher of fisheries experimental station of Miyagi for seven years before becoming politician. In fact, original derivation of paste of Ariake moved from Gulf of Sendai Sanriku that we included. Myself know technically well, too. I want to order this as expert well so that there is not such a concern.
 In addition, not biggest reason and such a thing that it has understanding from this immediately that it is said and has you understand that we asked about this time, we want to include the acquisition of site and various Surveys or the constant soil, improvement construction of the ground, such a budget in roughly estimated budget demand in 2015 as, after all, at first, it is time of roughly estimated budget demand as us. Of course as this is just roughly estimated budget demand, we appropriate in budget for us, but there explains to well adversely local and thinks that it is thing, start to continue making an effort to have understanding one by one.
 But, for now, and we load and will spend time in future, and we explain these contents for roughly estimated budget demand well by all means as this thinks that it is rude at all in this way in what we load budget onto as us without permission while we do not say hello to the Governer well today. Of course we want to make an effort to make such a window which we report well in Saga, and little, to dissolve anxiety of inhabitants.
 In any case, we had you make come for one mind that what asked about saying utilization of Saga Airport this time as we government would like little, to contribute to burden on Okinawa reduction if to protect Japanese security, life, property of Japanese people and it was possible. Thank you for your cooperation.


○Governor Furukawa
 Thank you very much.


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