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Local measure that support is oriented to life is sought to be able to live a life that person with a disability and elderly person became independent in the area, and environment over the welfare service greatly changes from facility into being at home from facility. In addition, on the other hand, various welfare needs including domestic violence and child abuse increase.


Therefore, it is necessary to plan efficiency of improvement and duties of administrative services by utilizing exclusive knowledge or technique, know-how such as private welfare facilities.


It was installed for the purpose of considering in representatives of each citizen of the prefecture layer about the way of prefectural welfare facilities from the viewpoint of effective administration administration and collaboration with citizen of the prefecture that this committee made role allotment with private enterprise clear and planned improvement of the welfare service that there was in the times.

In examination, we held five times of whole Committee and it was revealed for three sectional meetings every facility classification and carried out the concentrated deliberation 5-6 times each and carried out questionnaires to inspection, hearing of the facility spot, user, family and the staff. In addition, committee and sectional meeting were released, and sectional meeting published summaries in homepage, and committee acted as the minutes for security of transparency.

We submitted report to the Governer on March 31, 2005

About the future way of prefectural welfare facilities, we perform Surveys, examination as above

We gathered mashitaga, these opinions and reported the result in the Governer on March 31, 2005.

We will expect that we carry out role of the welfare administration of the prefecture more than before eagerly to take this report in the prefecture, and to do this way examination with important thing in future to be connected for promotion of community-based welfare for realization of symbiosis society which is request of all the citizens of the prefecture by appropriating human resources, resources to measure to plan enhancement, advancement of the prefecture welfare service including environment maintenance for area life support while working on review of prefectural welfare facilities positively while we rebuild the way of the welfare measure as the prefecture which coped with flow in the times.

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