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World heritage constitution assets in Saga and assets concerned

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 In this page, we introduce Mietsu Naval Dock Site which is constitution assets of the world's cultural heritage "Meiji Industrial Revolution inheritance iron manufacture, steel manufacture, shipbuilding, coal mining industry of Japan" or associated assets.


[constitution assets] Mietsu Naval Dock Site (Saga-shi)

The triple Tsu navy place


 It is located in Saga-shi (old Morotomi town, former Kawasoemachi) of South Saga, and there is Mietsu Naval Dock Site in Nishikawa riverbed of branch Hayatsu Egawa of the Chikugo River.

 Saga feudal clan performs the navy education with Western style ship by the late Tokugawa period, and, as mooring place of ship of feudal clan, Osamu ship is facility which functioned as place building a ship again.

 Remains of an ancient structure and wooden framework remains of an ancient structure of dock to draw ship for repair, shipbuilding prepared by excavation repair of parts for repair of Western style ship were discovered.

 This dock introduces Western ship technology with the existing domestic oldest thing, and the modernization by own strength is evaluated as valuable remains in knowing process that we aimed at.

 In addition, the first practical domestic steamship "Ryofu circle" was constructed in Japan. (1865)

 It is maintained as Sano Memorial Park of Saga-shi, and it is now in historical park which reproduced the Tsunetami Sano Memorial and the triple Tsu navy place spreading near at hand.

 In addition, at "Mietsu Naval Dock Site information corner" in the third floor of the Tsunetami Sano Memorial, various information is introduced by panel and picture, restoration.



(photograph around the Mietsu Naval Dock Site)


[assets concerned] Tsukiji reverberatory furnace trace (Saga-shi)

Tsukiji reverberatory furnace


 Saga feudal clan was in charge of the guard of Nagasaki who was the Japanese sole window with foreign countries and held a sense of crisis in the Europe and America Great Powers which advanced to Asia and took in Western technique quickly, and they worked on the modernization of armaments in those days.

 Reverberatory furnace of this Tsukiji was built based on one Dutch learning book (translation book of "foundry in cannon foundry made of roiku Kunitachi iron") in 1850 and succeeded in casting of iron cannon for the first time in Japan.

 And cast cannon was installed in Shiro ka wedding ornament ground of Nagasaki.


 It is thought that Tsukiji reverberatory furnace was located near site of steady renewal elementary school of current Saga-shi, and models of reverberatory furnace and iron cannon are placed in school grounds of steady renewal elementary school.


Cannon model


Reverberatory furnace model

(reverberatory furnace and model (steady renewal small) of iron cannon)


[assets concerned] Tafuse reverberatory furnace trace (Saga-shi)

Tafuse reverberatory furnace


 In response to request of cannon casting of the Shogunate, it was built in 1853. Cannon cast here was provided for battery (Odaiba of current Tokyo, Shinagawa) which the Shogunate built in Shinagawa.


 Waterwheel is drawn on the right side of illustrated map, but it is thought that we made a hole in cannon cast in reverberatory furnace using power of waterwheel in those days.


 (it becomes private land, and there is no figure at the time now.)

[assets concerned] sei*hoato (Saga-shi)



 It is the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research which Saga feudal clan established in 1852.

 As chief, able engineers were gathered by Hisashige Tanaka (mechanism gimigieimon), Kanji Ishiguro, Kisuke Nakamura, the prefectural inside and outside including denchugimigieimon (adopted child of Hisashige Tanaka), and steam locomotive, model and glass, gunpowder, telegraph of steamship were prepared into Tsunetami Sano. (it becomes private land, and there is no figure at the time now.)



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