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Notifecations is necessary if we acquire land of the forest

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Purpose of system

 We are intended to push forward grasp of landowner of the forest so that the government performs appropriate advice about maintenance of the forest for the forest owner, and business entities pressure owner to work on and make the forest maintaining the collection, and maintenance of the efficient forest is pushed forward.


Summary of system

 As for the forest which became landowner, subsequent Notifecations to Manager of municipalities was required.


PDF Summary We open with the other window(PDF: 325.5 kilobytes) of landowner Notifecations system of the forest


Notifecations eligible people

 Person who acquired land of the forest by buying and selling or the inheritance newly regardless of individual, corporation.


 ※About person who submitted Notifecations of land sales contract based on National Land Use Planning Law,

    Landowner Notifecations of the forest is unnecessary.



The forest where is targeted for Notifecations

 The forest which the local forest plan is for.


 ※About the forest targeted for the local forest plan city hall, town office, the prefectural office (Forestry Preservation Division)

     Or we can confirm in Regional Agency (agriculture and forestry office Tsutomu Hayashi section) of the prefecture.


Notifecations contents

 ・Name and address of Notifecations person and the former owner

 ・The date that became owner

 ・Cause of ownership transfer

 ・The location place, area, use of land


 ※As attached documents matter to be registered certificate (copying) or land sales contract (copying)

     Documents found to have acquired right of this and drawing indicating position of land are necessary.


Period for report

 It is less than 90 days from day that became landowner


Notifecations point

 Please tell Tsutomu Hayashi department in charge of city hall with land which you acquired or town office.


Style of notification form

 Notification form With new window(35KB, MS-Excel file)


Flow of Notifecations

 Flowchart With new window(120KB, PDF file)

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