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2009 selection result and adoption business of "business of citizen of the prefecture participation made with the forest" (forest)

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Selection result and adoption business

[selection result]

Business adopted by offer of the first (offer period from May 11 to June 12) in 2009 is as follows.

 Group name  Business name  Activity summary
 Non profit organization, kairou Kiyama  We work on reproduction of village forest which went to ruin

(activity place) Kiyama-cho, Miyaki-gun

(activity contents) fell a kind of thick-stemmed bamboo which invade cedar forests, and grows thick, and handle, and plan reproduction, maintenance of the forest.

By collaboration with local resident, we do with foothold to future "village forest blessed with green and clear streams" realization and want to do with the first step to dream "village forest community improvement of healing" realization in the near future. 

・Invasion bamboo removal A = 1.0ha

・Planting            A = 1.0ha (chinquapin, tab, willow oak, sawtooth oak)

 Tatara Student Council Cheap Tahara forest maintenance business 

(activity place) Takeo-shi Takeuchi town

(activity contents) local around 70% are the forest, and artificial plantation is many districts, but because the forest where care is not done is seen, and there is concern about increase of the dilapidation forest, promote the forest maintenance in district (residents' association), and want to act in good silviculture.

・jo* A=0.2ha

・Thinning A=0.6ha

 Meeting which protects corner mountain Tanada ... forest maintenance (care for dilapidation forest) that "reproduces mountain, and protects global environment" 

(activity place) Imari-shi two Satocho 

(activity contents) plan maintenance about the dilapidation forest of the Tanada water source (reservoir) upper part by typhoon origin of 2003, and plan securing of water source cultivation, the earth and sand outflow prevention, and want to utilize as place of contact of local resident.

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.3ha

・Planting      A=0.3ha (sawtooth oak, rhododendron)

 9,000 copies of clubs We work on the removal of invasion bamboo to artificial plantation

(activity place) Kawachi-machi, Tosu-shi

(activity contents) enhance function of the public interest of the forest original "water source cultivation function" and "maintenance function of prefectural soil", and regenerate the bamboo forests removal ground in the once rich forest original figure.

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.3ha 

 Meeting which protects nature of Sashi River Tree-planting program of the Sashi River source

(activity place) Mirukashi, Karatsu-shi

(activity contents) fell shrub and waste growing thick in afforestation abandonment district of the Sashi River source, and plant deciduous broad-leaved tree.

・Planting A=0.2ha (Acer palmatum, Quercus crispula, sawtooth oak, beech) of the afforestation abandonment ground 

 Meeting of Saga green helper  Shiroishi-cho Hosenji mountain behind bamboo forests maintenance

(activity place) Shiroishi-cho, Kishima-gun

(activity contents) fell bamboo forests which the forest invaded, and secure function and scenery of village forest.

In addition, we prevent adjacent people place, invasion of bamboo to graveyard.

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.1ha

・Planting            A=0.1ha (azalea, wild cherry tree)


  In addition, in addition, there was application of 1 group, but did not lead to adoption.


Business adopted by offer of the second (offer period from July 6 to August 7) in 2009 is as follows.

 Group name  Business name  Activity summary
 Non profit organization biomass lodge

 The upper part of reservoir

It is maintenance business of the dilapidation forest by the removal of invasion bamboo of this

(activity place) Imari-shi south Hata-cho

(activity contents), by abnormal luxuriant growth power of bamboo, in most mountains, "bamboo right attacks mountain", but is force covered to bamboo to untie.

Therefore we fell bamboo forests and expect reproduction of mountain by planting broadleaf tree.

In addition, we regard bamboo which we felled as useful biomass and we crush bamboo and use for organic resources and do with valuable agriculture material.

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.5ha

・Planting A=0.5ha (100 sawtooth oak)


 Tosu-shi pro-forest interchange corps Tree planting and upbringing of Kawachi Dam surrounding environment forest 

(activity place) Kawachi-machi, Tosu-shi

(activity contents) "around Kawachi Dam forest" is appointed in environmental forest, and open space of civic rest includes 20,000 a year visitors.

We remove invasion bamboo to provide rose of sharon and shade of a tree and cherry blossom viewing of the Japanese alphabet colored leaves to bloom in summer and plant tree of broadleaf tree.

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.1ha

・Planting A=0.1ha (rose of sharon, Japanese maple 200)



Opinion, impression from approach group

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