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2010 selection result and adoption business of "business of citizen of the prefecture participation made with the forest" (forest)

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Selection result and adoption business

[selection result]

Business adopted by offer of 2010 (offer period from May 10 to June 11) is the following 6 business.

Group name Business name Activity summary
Non profit organization kairou Kiyama We work on reproduction of village forest which went to ruin

(activity place) Kiyama-cho, Miyaki-gun

(activity contents) felling processes a kind of thick-stemmed bamboo which invasions grow thick for the "making of forest of green and clear stream which even - several degrees made with village forest of healing wants to visit" realization that is activity theme in cedar forests, and plan reproduction, maintenance of village forest.

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.2ha

・Planting A=0.2ha

Meeting which protects corner mountain Tanada Care for ... forest maintenance dilapidation forest which "reproduces mountain, and protects local environment"

(activity place) Imari-shi two Satocho

(activity contents) maintain the forest which went to ruin by invasion or typhoon damage of bamboo, and plan security, the earth and sand outflow prevention of water source cultivation to have of the forest, and want to utilize as place of contact of local resident. In addition, we want to make place of the forest education in cooperation with local children's association.

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.18ha

・Planting A=0.05ha

・Thinning A=0.12ha

・edada 30

Tosu-shi pro-forest interchange corps Tree planting and upbringing of Kawachi Dam surrounding environment forest 

(activity place) Kawachi-machi, Tosu-shi

(activity contents) "around Kawachi Dam forest" is appointed as environmental forest, and open space of civic rest includes 20,000 a year visitors.

 We provide place of shade of a tree and cherry blossom viewing of colored leaves by performing the forest maintenance.

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.05ha

・Planting A=0.05ha 

Meeting of Saga green helper Shiroishi-cho Hosenji mountain behind bamboo forests maintenance 

(activity place) Shiroishi-cho, Kishima-gun

(activity contents) have improvement cutting of a kind of thick-stemmed bamboo of the forest, and secure function and scenery of village forest.

 In addition, we perform shitakari of planting point in last year.

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.5ha

・Planting A=0.5

9,000 copies of clubs The removal activity of invasion bamboo to artificial plantation and planting activity to felling ruins 

(activity place) Kawachi-machi, Tosu-shi

(activity contents) improve environment in the forest which went to ruin by continuing, and felling bamboo.

 We enhance public function of the forest original "water source cultivation function" and "maintenance function of prefectural soil" and are intended to reproduce in the rich forest original figure.

 In addition, we want to make accessories with bamboo which we felled, and good natural material to understand.

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.3ha

kyutsugujichikai Sannouyama (sannousan) forest maintenance business

(activity place) Kitagata-cho, Takeo-shi

(activity contents), in the forest of the upper communities, bamboo forests grow thick, and obstruct growth of tree.

 In addition, the scenery top is problem, too. Therefore we fell bamboo forests and carry out bamboo and plant broadleaf tree. 

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.1ha


In addition, in addition, there was application of 1 group, but was reexamined.


Business adopted by offer of the second (offer period from August 25 to September 24) in 2010 is the following 5 business.

Group name  Business name  Activity summary
 Meeting which protects cherry blossoms of clothes dried mountain

It increases - thinning, care, cherry blossoms to learn from mountain touching mountain

(activity place) Karatsu-shi two Yuko town

(activity contents) bamboo invades, and the forest darkens without care around clothes dried mountain starting point of a mountain climb being done.

 We give danger such as the earth and sand disasters to private house with the bottom if we leave this.

 Therefore we gradually care for and make the forest which we can be proud of in history.

・Thinning A=0.1ha

It is shu rou society in Tanada of NPO corporation Warabino Scenery forest maintenance business of important sentence for village forest reproduction in "Tanada of Warabino"

(activity place) Ochichohirayamakami, Karatsu-shi

(activity contents) village forest is included in scenery of Tanada of Warabino.

 The village forest goes to ruin without care being accomplished.

 We bring back traditional village forest by planting thinning, bamboo forests felling, broadleaf tree of artificial plantation.

・Thinning 1.0ha of artificial plantation

・Improvement cutting 1.5ha of artificial plantation

・Felling of invasion bamboo, planting 0.9ha of broadleaf tree

 Nishinomiya hem residents' association

Nishinomiya hem (Mukaino district) reforestation business

(activity place) Osaki, Kitakatamachi, Takeo-shi

(activity contents) Kannon is enshrined in this forest other than Sarasvati as local guardian deity.

 It was place got close to local people from the old days, but becoming goes ahead through the dilapidation forest of the forest by luxuriant growth such as bamboo forests and inhibits growth of tree.

 By local resident collaboration, we arrange felling and management course (work way) of bamboo forests and plant broadleaf tree in consideration for scenery and plan reproduction of village forest.

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.3ha

・Work way L=70m

 NPO corporation big leaf Thinning and thinnings export leader training and safe technique, skill acquisition system workshop business made with the forest

(activity place) Fujichofujise, Saga-shi

(activity contents), for upbringing of skill leader made with the forest, aim at reproduction of the dilapidation forest in cooperation with the forest volunteer associations in the prefecture.

 Therefore we participate in "safe technique, skill acquisition system made with forest" and perform training and thinning workshop of chain saw.

 In addition, we acquire export technology of thinnings.

・Thinning (chain saw) class

・Thinnings export class

 Takagi Kawauchi ward The forest maintenance business in Kamikawa

(activity place) Oaza, Kitatakumachi, Taku-shi young warrior

(activity contents) presented beautiful scenery at flowering time of cherry blossoms, but upbringing of tree is obstructed by luxuriant growth of bamboo forests, and the dilapidation of the forest goes.

 Therefore we arrange felling and work course of bamboo forests by collaboration of local resident and plant broadleaf tree.

 In addition, bamboo which we felled crushes in cooperation with social welfare facility in communities.

・Invasion bamboo removal A=0.2ha

・Work way L=200m


In addition, in addition, there was application of 1 group, but did not lead to adoption.



Opinion, impression from approach group



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