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2012 "will tell about selection result of business made with the forest (forest) of citizen of the prefecture participation and adoption business

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Selection result and adoption business

 [selection result]

Business adopted by offer of 2012 (offer period from May 1 to May 31) is the following 14 business.

 Group name Business name   Activity place Activity contents 

Harada district Residents' Association

Open space of Harada district rest

Maintenance business

 Ogi-shi  We fell clump of bamboo inhibiting scenery around the open space in front of Harada district communities center and maintain broadleaf tree as planting, oasis.

 Sannouyama (sannonsan)

The forest maintenance business

 Takeo-shi  We fell bamboo forests because bamboo forests grow thick in the forest of the upper communities and obstruct growth of tree and plant broadleaf tree.

The shiritsuko making of village forest of "waterfall of illusion" and colored leaves

 Imari-shi  We fell and maintain the forest or invasion bamboo going to ruin around shiritsuko which is local treasure and "the waterfall of illusion" and plant various deciduous broad-leaved trees.
 Takagi Kawauchi ward

 Kamisendai (chew Kochi)

The forest maintenance business

 Taku-shi  It continues and fells bamboo forests and brushwood and plants broadleaf tree to ruins.
 9,000 copies of clubs

 To artificial plantation, grove of miscellaneous trees

The removal of invasion a kind of thick-stemmed bamboo

And it is worked on bamboo forests maintenance

 Tosu-shi   It continues and fells bamboo forests and plants broadleaf tree and improves environment in the forest which went to ruin. In addition, we make bamboo charcoal, accessory with bamboo which we felled and emphasize good point of natural material.
 Cherry society Hometown reproduction volunteer Taku-shi  We maintain the forest becoming untended without being managed and regain the old situation, and children aim at the forest which can play now, too.
 Higashida charges ward

 Of Higashida charges ward contact

The forest activity business

 Imari-shi  We fell bamboo of increasing hinterland and we plant broadleaf tree and improve scenery and appeal so that child of inhabitant of a ward cuts off good forest.


Hirose ward Residents' Association

 Hirose farm village green tract of land Park

The scenery formation business

 Arita-cho  Because becoming goes ahead through the dilapidation forest of the forest adjacent to farm village green tract of land Park in ward and nursery school, we carry out felling and planting of broadleaf tree and form oasis of inhabitant of a ward.

 The forest of Yamada

Meeting to follow

 Broadleaf tree tree-planting program

Planting of (cherry blossoms, maple)

 Karatsu-shi   After the frith, we plant felling of brushwood of the forest which went to ruin and broadleaf tree without planting with trees and do with oasis of local resident.
 Nishinomiya hem residents' association

 Nishinomiya hem (Mukaino district)

Reforestation business

 Takeo-shi  We reproduce village forest where by planting broadleaf tree to felling ruins of bamboo forests, local residents can go to visit casually.

 Saga green

Meeting of helper

 Observation deck of Tashiro Park

Invasion bamboo to the outskirts

Felling business

 Tosu-shi  We invade, and, around observation deck of Tashiro Park, bamboo grows thick. We plant cherry blossoms after the felling and maintain scenery, and function of observation deck is restored, too.

 NPO corporation


Seven islands

Liaison conference

 While letting the forest of remote island which went to ruin revive, transformation to place and oasis of the employment of islanders



 We plant high oil tree of utility value because islanders managing the forest decrease in Madarashima and go to ruin and manage as the forest.

 NPO corporation

The big leaf

 Maintenance business of safe technique of volunteer made with the forest, the skill acquisition and illegally parked artificial plantation

 Fujimachi  By member and local people, we hold workshop and thinning experience party such as export for thinning and use of thinning to plan reproduction of Chanoki district joint ownership forest.

 NPO corporation

kairou Kiyama

 The making of village forest of healing

... making of forest ... of green and clear stream which want to be visited again and again

 Kiyama-cho  We fell a kind of thick-stemmed bamboo which invades cedar forests, and grows thick and handle and plan reproduction, maintenance of village forest. We hold recovery of function of the public interest of village forest and tree-planting ceremony for citizens and reproduce village forest.



 In addition, in addition, there was application of 1 group, but did not lead to adoption.


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