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Introduction of National Personnel Commission committee member (the National Personnel Commission secretariat)

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 National Personnel Commission performs examination about query for Surveys, study on personnel administration, competitive examination of the staff and adoption selection, advice about salary of the staff, measures demand about working condition of the staff and disadvantage disposal, the official authority use as labor standards supervising agency by what that Local Public Service Law stipulates.


National Personnel Commission committee member

 We introduce National Personnel Commission committee member.

 The Governer appoints National Personnel Commission committee member from person who personality is noble-minded, and understanding is for handling of principle of local autonomy and democratic, efficient desk work and has knowledge and opinion about personnel administration with the approval of assembly.


* Committee member

Job title 

Full name 

Term as committee member 


 ChairpersonTetsutaro Nakano (that Tetsutaro)Origin of R. 8.3 - R5.8.2 (the second)  Former prefecture's general manager
 Committee member (the first place duties agent) Hiroshi Matsuo (waiting Hiroshi)Origin of R. 8.3 - R5.8.2 (the third) Lawyer
 Committee member (the second place duties agent) Nobuko Uchida (uchidanobuko)H30.3.30 - R4.3.29 (the first)  Educational foundation's director



The National Personnel Commission secretariat

 We introduce organization of the secretariat. (as of April 1, 2019)

Organizational chart
※16 staff (shoot one Administrative Staff)


* Division of duties desk work

Charge name

Division of duties desk work 


General affairs responsible for examination

Thing about meeting of 1 National Personnel Commission committee member and National Personnel Commission.

Thing about personnel affairs, salary, service of staff of 2 secretariat and welfare program.

Thing about receipt, shipment of keeper of 3 official seals and document and storage.

Thing about 4 financial affairs desk work.

shinsasei of demand of measures about working condition of 5 staff and disadvantageous disposal for the staff

  Thing about motome.

   Thing about handling of complaint of 6 staff.

 Monkey of examination of compensation for public accidents of school doctor, school dentist and school in 7 public schools pharmacist

   Relate to to put up.

   Service, the rich of 8 staff, thing about the disciplinary measure or other social position handling.

   Thing about the retirement management of 9 staff.

  Thing about appointment of ranges such as 10 managerial personnels and registration of employee organization.

  Thing about working conditions or other for working hours of 11 staff and the public welfare public welfare system.

  Thing about the use of the official authority of labor standards supervising agency about working condition of 12 staff.

  Thing about paperwork of 13 fairness Committee entrusted with.

  Thing about desk work not to belong to jurisdiction in charge of 14, etc.

Securing of human resources charge

Thing about establishment of general standard about method of appointment of 1 staff. 

Thing about employment examination of 2 staff and selection.  

Appointment salary charge

Thing about appointment of 1 staff.

Thing about temporary appointment of 2 staff.

Thing about retirement ages of 3 staff.

Thing about the training system of 4 staff and personnel evaluation system.

Thing about memoir about salaries of 5 staff and necessary advice.

Thing about Surveys of survey of 6 private enterprise salaries and cost of living.

Thing about salary or other salaries of 7 staff.

Thing about payment control of salary for 8 staff.


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