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Inhabitants inspection request system

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  When expenditure of public money by executive organs such as the Governer and the staff, management of property, act in financial accounting including execution of contract admit that they are illegal or unfair, citizen of the prefecture attaches document proving this and demands inspection for checkup committee and is system that we can request that you should take necessary measure from.

Inhabitants inspection request system Q&A

What kind of question 1 case is request for inspection possible in?

 When what we inspect and can request has act in financial accounting of the prefecture raising next.
(1) Illegal or unfair
・Expenditure of public money (cash belonging to management of the prefecture)
・The acquisition, management, disposal of property (land, building, article)
・The conclusion, observance of a contract of contract (the purchase, construction contract)
・Burden (borrowing) of debt or other duty
(2) In breach of law or injustice
・Fact to neglect levy, the collection of public money
・Fact to neglect management of property
(3) When it is predicted that act of (1) mentioned above is carried out in considerable certainty
But we cannot request without adequate cause when we are 1 year or more after day when we had the act mentioned above.

Who can request Question 2 how?

(1) Person who can request is inhabitant of Saga.
(2) We are to perform request in writing.
(3) On request, it is necessary to attach breach of law or document proving fact of act to be unfair.
(4) You bring directly, or please mail request to Audit Commission Secretariat.

For request for Question 3, how does checkup committee cope?

(1) By consultation of checkup committee, we decide the acceptance of request or nonacceptance (rejection) after having examined whether you meet predetermined requirements (address requirements).
(2) When request is accepted, for claimant, opportunity of introduction of evidence and statement is given.
(3) We inspect bureaus concerned.
(4) We make decision of inspection result by consultation of checkup committee.
Decision contents are divided into two ways of next. In addition, we notify claimant of inspection result within 60 days from request day and announce.
・When request does not have reason, we dismiss.
・We urge to take necessary measure for related organizations when there is reason for request.
 In addition, related organizations which received advice have a duty to notify checkup committee of the measures situation afterwards.
(5) We notify claimant of the measures situation of related organizations after advice and announce this.

When inspection results include dissatisfaction, what kind of thing can Question 4 claimant do?

 In the case of next, we can present to court within 30 days.
(1) When checkup committee does not perform inspection or advice within 60 days from request day
(2) When inspection result includes dissatisfaction (when request is dismissed)
(3) When advice contents have dissatisfaction
(4) When measure after advice includes dissatisfaction
(5) When it is not taken measures after the advice
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