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Type of abuse

 Child abuse means that protector as a substitute for parent or parent does the next act for child.
 We judge these acts from viewpoint of child regardless of intention of protector.


・Physical cruelty

 Inflict burn to shake intensely to throw, and to lose to reject to hit, let drown


・Sexual abuse

 We make subject of pornography showing compulsion, the sexual organs and sex of sexual act



 We leave abuse by lodger except protector to leave unattended in car to awfully defile which does not give meal to shut in in house unattended


・Psychological abuse

 We use violence on spouse or other families in front of threat, disregard by words, discriminatory handling, child between brothers


Ill-treated child gives such a signature

  • After unnatural wound and blow.
  • Clothing and hair are always dirty.
  • Expression is poor.
  • Timid.
  • It is restless and becomes violent.
  • We are going to avoid parent.
  • We are playing alone into the night.


If "we find child considered to have been ill-treated ..."

  If there is "child considered to have been ill-treated" around you, please do contact (notice) immediately in window and child consultation center of the nearest municipalities.

 In the Child Welfare Law and the child abuse prevention law, person who discovered child considered to have received child abuse is required to do notification (notice) immediately for all people. 

 Contact (notice) is intended to protect child. It is not violated "confidentiality" of doctor and public employee. In addition, secret is kept so that person whom we contacted is not identified.


At first, please call

 Saga center child consultation center, North Saga child consultation center

  TEL: 0952-26-1212

 ・Dial common throughout the child consultation center whole country

  TEL: 189

  ※All accept consultation 365 days for 24 hours.

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Saga prefectural government office (corporation number 1000020410004)

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Tel: 0952-24-2111 (main)
Copyright© 2016 Saga Prefecture.All Rights Reserved.