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How to make delicious Saga paste

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  Paste is always cultivated in seaweed which has been eaten now in 19 prefectures of the whole country in the existence history. We introduce about method of paste culture carried out in that in straight production center of the best paste in Japan, Saga Ariake Sea.

Trip of paste culture

Trip of paste culture

Persimmon husk threadlike body management

 At first, paste culture begins with the making of kind. Kind is made with threadlike body growing in shell. Therefore we culture filament which let you crawl into persimmon husk from January through September with land water tank.


Stand, and paste prop includes

 When it is September; for paste culture of prop of paste stand, and miga including begins.

 In Saga, we perform "prop-style culture". This uses tide, and becomes hard to suffer from disease by paste net appearing in the air for a given period of time if the tide goes down (dried appearance) and is effective at all though we make strong paste. We regulate height that net hangs while seeing movement of the tides such as flood tide, neap tide.



 When water temperature falls in around October, kind of paste comes out from persimmon husk filament. We perform "sainae" (saibyo) attaching this species to paste net. sainae sets up net which 30 pieces put on sea level and we hang bag which was able to enter and perform persimmon husk filament in the bottom.


Raising of seedling

  It is 15 in paste network which repeated dirts of paste network approximately 30 pieces as paste bud grows big while washing net to drop, and working → 5 → We open in one piece and fishing ground (development work).


Frozen parking

 If the leaf head of paste becomes 3-5 centimeters, we seal up half of paste network to plastic bag after land, increase semidried and, as production use for the freezing network period, save at -20 degrees Celsius - 25 degrees Celsius.


The second product culture (the autumn bud network period, the frozen net period)

 When frozen parking work is over, it follows as autumn bud network and cultivates half of paste networks which we left in fishing ground

After doing, and having performed several times of knobs collecting, we remove net all at once and do fishing ground in once empty state. Afterwards, we repaper in the freezing network that we stored and continue further producing.


Cultured management

 We let you do moderate dried appearance for improvement in countermeasures and quality of illness and manage culture of activity processing (acid treatment).


Snack collecting of paste

 When the leaf head of paste is brought up to around 15cm, of paste pick, and perform work (tekisai). In 1 kaitekisai, paste for 300-500 pieces of board paste is harvested by one piece of paste network. In tekisaikankaku of paste, as for 2-4 times of autumn bud networks, frozen net usually does approximately 5-8 times of tekisai in 7-10 days.


Paste network, removal of paste prop

 In usual, paste network, prop are removed in around the end of March, and paste culture is finished.


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