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Tanada of visiting 100 selections of Tanada Hamanoura

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Visiting 100 selections of Saga Tanada

Tanada Genkai-cho, Higashimatsuura-gun of Hamanoura 

State of the beginning of May

 Observation deck of Tanada of Hamanoura is seen on the right when we go south at Route 204 across outside Ohashi, Tsu. As large parking lot is on the right when we go south a little, even sightseeing by car will not be in trouble. However, it may be slightly hard on bicycle and foot as we are in mountain. There is big signboard in parking lot and can see clean photograph. There is observation deck which was maintained when we go down stairs from point that performed some signboards. Coverage day was unfortunate cloudy sky, but Tanada whom water was put on by light to shine from time shined like mirror shiningly. Observation deck might be just established, and view from there was very good, and, in the various places of photograph lover, several photographs were taken in spite of cloudy sky.
 Coverage was the beginning of May, but rice-transplanting was earlier than other districts, and Tanada half or more finished rice-transplanting and were planted rice during coverage again farmhouse.
 We cannot look at Tanada close from observation deck, but nearby can see real Tanada when we are out of observation deck and go down way. Including thistle and insect and bird producing purple flower was able to enjoy nature easily.


Photograph of big signboard which photograph of superb view was drawn onSuperb view photograph of Tanada spreading earlier of observation deckPhotograph of thistle which bloomed neatly
To big signboard as for the photograph of superb viewIt is superb view of Tanada in point of maintained observation deckBeautiful thistle bloomed



About Tanada of Hamanoura

 As for the place name called Hamanoura, it is said that this place name was put as the shore which is suddenly slanted, gentle hill, communities with inlet. It is Tanada of this Hamanoura that it has been built in eroded valley formed by Hamano Urakawa flowing into the Hamanoura shore from the old days. We are formed of field of 283 pieces of big things and small things, and area is 11.5 hectares. It ranges to several folds like stairs and extends to the shore and is chosen as 100 selections of Japanese Tanada in July, 1999.
 It is time of rice-transplanting that Tanada of Hamanoura is the most attractive, and water completed by Tanada reflects setting sun in dusk, and it is in fantastic scenery.


Superb view photograph to see from observation deckPhotograph of Tanada to see close when we go down the side of observation deck
View from observation deck is superb viewWe can look after Tanada close when we go down the side of observation deck


Side trip spot

[Genkai energy park]

Photograph of Genkai energy park

Genkai energy park

 It is nature in site of Genkai Nuclear Power Plant and theme park for the purpose of contact with various energy mainly on atomic energy. It is from "greenhouse for admiration" of relaxing space that used waste heat of Genkai nuclear power plant and, "Kyushu hometown hall" touching energy of people of Kyushu through representative tradition craft and folk entertainment of each Kyushu prefecture "science building" which can know imminent energy in spite of being pleasure including atomic energy, becomes able to enjoy "open spaces among seasonal nature such as flower or tree of the sun" with parent and child all day long.

Contact information

Genkai-cho office Industry Promotion Section telephone 0955-52-2199

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