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It is payment grant environmental conservation type agriculture directly

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Summary of business

 Contribution to prevention of global warming or biological diversity maintenance becomes important in the field of agriculture.

For person of agriculture groups to work on high farming activity of effect for prevention of global warming and biological diversity maintenance with chemical fertilizer, approach and set of 50% reduction of chemosynthetic pesticide, we support. 



Support eligible people  

 It is for groups which scholar of agriculture to meet requirements of next 1-3 organizes.

  ※Group (called "scholar of agriculture group" as follows.) which scholar of agriculture organizes establishes representative, terms of organization, and please establish account as organization.


1. Producing for the purpose of selling

2. Carrying out international standard GAP

3. Perform activity about improvement in technique of agricultural production activity that you introduced production method of agriculture to contribute to maintenance of natural environments as group into

 ※Scholar of agriculture working on organic farming may have to receive authorization of eco-Farmer.



Approach that is targeted for support

  It is for activity to carry in combination out chemical fertilizer, approach to reduce chemosynthetic pesticide 50% or more from custom level of Saga and any of the following approach.




Cover crop Approach to be under crop in green manures in anteroposterior one between growing seasons of the main crops

※Grant unit price varies according to types of cover crop

Application of compost Approach that application does compost which met standards of the C/N ratio in anteroposterior one between growing seasons of the main crops fixed quantity or more
Organic farming

 It is approach without chemical fertilizer, chemical pesticide about the main crops

The winter season flooding management (paddy-rice) Approach to flood in rice field between the winter season more than two months 

※Grant unit price varies according to approaches such as ridge reinforcement or application of organic quality manure

Of soybean non-till, and disseminate Without, before dissemination of soybean, tilling the ho ground entire surface; non-; approach that disseminates by seeding-machine to till.

General pest, weed management (IPM)


Approach to perform prevention technique to put division except chemical pesticide-proof together, and to take appropriate means generally

※Approach contents have partial change from 2019. 

 For details, please ask municipalities where farmland is located.


Middle age evaluation and the last evaluation (H27 - H31)



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