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With "Saga Tanada network"

Photograph of Tanada Tanada spent time that ancient people were long and built and has been protected through agricultural production activity. We gradually pile on top of slope and hill country of mountain, and beauty of seasonal scenery gives moisture and ease in our heart as original scenery of Japan.
 In addition, Tanada has various roles including prevention of landslide and cultivation of water source as well as production of farm products and maintenance of scenery.
 However, as for Tanada that slant was hard, and farming was great, lack and aging of leading figure of agriculture advanced, and in late years the cultivation abandonment ground came to be outstanding, too.
 Therefore "Saga Tanada network" was established in June, 2003 by the municipalities with Tanada saying "we will protect Tanada of Saga!".
 "Saga Tanada network" sends rice-transplanting in Tanada, inekari rinadono experience or event information to have many people know good point and importance of Tanada, and to widen ring of Tanada maintenance and plans activation of Tanada area of Saga and maintenance of Tanada.


Birth of organization

 June 4, 2003


List of Saga Tanada network participation municipalities

 The number of the participation municipalities as of March, 2018 is 18.
 Elsewhere as committee member shu rou society and Saga are participation in water soil village (green) net saga (Saga land improvement enterprise group federation), Mt. Eri Tanada U.S. production association, Tanada of NPO corporation Warabino


Saga-shi central part
・Saga-shi, Taku-shi, Ogi-shi, Kanzaki-shi, Yoshinogari-cho
Around Tosu-shi
・Tosu-shi, Kiyama-cho, Miyaki-cho
Around Karatsu-shi
・Karatsu-shi, Genkai-cho
Around Imari-shi
・Imari-shi, Arita-cho
Around Takeo-shi
・Takeo-shi, Kouhoku-machi, Omachi-cho
Around Kashima-shi

・Kashima-shi, Ureshino-shi, Tara-cho



Activity contents (the results of 2017)

July 10, 2017The "Tanada volunteer agreement conclusion type" holding (Saga-shi government office Sanze branch)
July 12, 2017"Saga Tanada network general meeting" (the first) holding (Saga synthesis government building)
From 19 to 20 on August in 2017

"Saga Tanada fair" holding (Saga-shi: the Aeon Mall Yamato Saga shop)

September, 2017 2017 news from Saga Tanada "tsunagu" autumn issue issuance, distribution
September 23, 2017"Saga Tanada exhibition" holding (Ogi-shi: Eri mountain higan flower festival venue)
From 28 to 29 on September in 2017"The 23rd whole country Tanada summit" participation (Hasami-cho, Nagasaki)
November 12, 2017"Tanada exhibition of Saga" holding (sunflower garden which Miyaki-cho blooms in autumn)
November 22, 2017"Workshop, review meeting making use of Tanada" holding (Saga-shi: mate plaza)
December, 2017"Tanada calendar 2018" making, distribution
February 18, 2018"Saga Tanada exhibition" holding (Karatsu-shi: kannematsuri venue)
February 21, 2018"Saga Tanada network general meeting" (the second) holding (Saga self-government hall)
February, 2018  2018 news from Saga Tanada "tsunagu" spring issue issuance, distribution

March, 2018

"Tanada PR poster" making
March 22, 2018The "Tanada volunteer agreement conclusion type" holding (Saga-shi: Chiyoda building)


※"Saga Tanada network" utilizes Tanada fund.

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