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Highly advanced brain function training

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Highly advanced brain dysfunction applies. We carry out various activities in group, individual treatment, and deepen understanding about your obstacle and perform training to find actions to be taken.


Activity in group

 In group of around 3-5 people, we perform game and sports, cooking, going out. By moving into action in group, going zukiga about own symptom increases, and changes such as synergy (information exchange, will increases) among members are seen.
We associate in group and play a gameCooking in group

Using game, it is practiced memo and conversation

We practice role allotment, procedure confirmation by cooking


Individual activity

 Depending on the personal situation including memory and the concentration, we push forward while putting problem, sports, light work, PC, crafts, cooking in the space together. In addition, we support about coping method in life.


 We delete letter appointed by problem of print. It is effective in raising the concentration (time required and having oversight or not), memory (we can perform in procedure that we conveyed).

  Print problem

 With PC, contents assemble training depending on individual states and perform. (software, typing, game of highly advanced brain function of the expert supervision)



 It is during simulated work training of plug tap assembling. Depending on the personal situation, we perform using procedure with only letter and photograph. We share role with case and 2 or 3 people performing all trips alone and may perform.

 Simulated work training plug tap assembling


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