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Overview of Saga


Saga map (wide area)
Saga is located in the northwestern part of Kyushu, and, in the east, in Fukuoka, the west, in the north, the Sea of Genkai, the south face Ariake Sea close to Nagasaki. It was distance in a straight line and approached with about less than 200 kilometers to the Korean Peninsula to about 900 kilometers, Osaka to Tokyo whereas it was about 500 kilometers and historic played an important role culturally as window of continent culture.



 The area of Saga consists of about 2,400 square kilometers, 10 cities and 10 towns, and population becomes about 830,000 people.

Saga map (10 cities and 10 towns)




Climate of Saga is climate that with many areas about 16 degrees, annual mean temperature is calm.

As for the precipitation of Saga, most fall 2,500 millimeters or more in among the mountains from east Mt. Sefuri to west Kunimi mountain a year.

On the other hand, the northern Sea of Genkai neighborhood and southern Saga plains have little rain and are around 1,800 millimeters a year.

We express Saga

Emblem of Saga

Saga emblem


 We establish on May 18, 1992. We express the sea as prefectural soil of rich Saga, and it is ring of the richness and expresses state that nature and culture sound led by people on comfortable resources and history and sympathize with, and central Japanese yen symbolizes expandability to spread, and to go. On the stage of Saga, Japan and world people interchange with citizen of the prefecture and express sounding state. (The details such as operational rules are this

Prefectural flag Magpie kusu Flower of kusu
Prefectural flag

We graphically designed flower of kusu and symbolized figure which prospered of Saga. (December, 1968 establishment)

Prefectural bird (magpie)

It is also called "kachigarasu" and inhabits around Saga plains. Is appointed to natural monument in 1923 and becomes protected bird. (May, 1965 appointment)

Prefectural tree (kusu)

kusu of "Kawafuru (Wakagi, Takeo-shi)" is the biggest in the prefecture, and it is estimated that grass 33m, the age of a tree are over 3,000 years. (September, 1966 appointment)

Prefectural flower (flower of kusu)

Flower of kusu blooms in May and it is 3-4mm in diameter and is doing lovely white or lemon yellow. (March, 1954 appointment)

History of Saga

 Derivation of name of "Saga" "was seen, and Yamato Takeru told state to prosper, and to grow thick of kusu at the time of Imperial tour when should call this country with "country of Sakae". Afterwards, we say "county of Sakae", and there is to Hizen topographical record saying we came to call *kagun again. "We praise" is changed with official notice as part of new government to the Meiji Restoration in *kacho by "we congratulate" and continues up to the present day. This prefecture was divided into Saga, Hasuike, Ogi, Kashima, Karatsu, 6 feudal clans of Izuhara in feudal clan system and was governed, but each feudal clan was renamed to the prefecture by establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains of July, 1871.
 In September of the year, it merged Saga and Izuhara prefecture and established Imari prefecture. We moved government building to Saga from Imari in May, 2005 and renamed name to Saga. In April, 2009, Saga was merged with Mizuma prefecture of Chikugo, but was merged with Nagasaki by the abolition of Mizuma prefecture in August of the year. We separated Saga, Kanzaki, adoptive father (thicket), kiichigura (work), Mine, Ogi, Higashimatsuura, Nishimatsuura, Kishima, 10 counties (595 municipalities) of Fujitsu from the jurisdiction of Nagasaki in May, 2004 and were renamed to Saga again, and saioki did government building to Saga. It became seven 8 counties (73 municipalities) by merger of towns and villages of 1954, but we change after merger in seven 8 counties (42 municipalities) from 1958 to the end of 2004, and it is by merger of cities, towns and villages from 2005 to October, 2007 now afterwards in ten 6 counties (ten) in December, 2007.

Basic plan ... of thing - Saga that Saga aims at

-Plan made with Saga who can be proud of Saga comprehensive plan 2015 - person to the world carefully in the world

We fixed our eyes on figure of future Saga in basic principles by "the making of Saga who could be proud of people to the world carefully" and clarified policy that was necessary for the realization for 4 years.


  Saga comprehensive plan 2015 We open with the other window(external link)



We know Saga

Saga formula promotion DVD "THREE MINUTE TRIP TO SAGA"

Promotion picture to introduce Saga to.

We express possibility as charm of Saga in picture which selected carefully and music with impact.

In addition, we introduce that we want to know Saga with episode as "SAGA MEMO".


Sightseeing information of Saga

Song of Saga

History of Saga prefectural government


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Saga prefectural government office (corporation number 1000020410004)

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