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"Is ideal day for Saga"; recipe NO. 16 - NO. 20

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16. Can you make more deliciously than oyakodon ... shop?


Oyakodon image



・"Is ideal day for Saga"; three cups  

・300 g of chicken

・Soy sauce, liquor each; there is few    

・150 g of onions

・One bundle of honewort


(run juice)

・One cup of soup stock  

・Soy sauce tablespoon 6  

・Liquor tablespoon 5

・Sugar tablespoon 3

・Mirin tablespoon 5

・Four - eight eggs 


 ◆How to make◆  

 "Saga is ideal day" inquires into 1 and cooks with the normal amount of water.

   We slice one share of chicken to size and are about to shake soy sauce, liquor in small quantities. Onion makes limit not to thin and cuts honewort to around 3cm.

 We bring seasoning of juice to a boil for 2 and we put chicken and heat.

 To 3 hot pots of chicken and eggs egg which ran, and could enter with chicken with juice, and wrote on fire, and could enter, and boiled onion for nobody quickly, and well untied honewort after expanded, and boiled for one

   We turn for half and put remaining half if we freeze and heat until it is in a half condition carefully.

 We include steaming "Saga is ideal day" in 4 bowl and hang to let slide while moving hot pot of chicken and eggs.



17. Mushrooms are delicious in mushroom rice ... spring!


 Mushroom rice image


・"Is ideal day for Saga"; three cups

・Water 3 and 1/2 cup

・Bare teaspoon 2 of chicken pattern soup

・Salt teaspoon 1

・Light soy sauce tablespoon 1

・Mirin, each liquor tablespoon 1


・It is 200 g at all such as shiitake, shimeji, velvet shank 


 ◆How to make◆

 We wash "Saga is ideal day" one hour before we cook and raise by 1 to colander.

   Mushrooms are small and intertwine soy sauce teaspoon 1.

 You may add water, chicken pattern soup, salt, light soy sauce, mirin, liquor to "Saga is ideal day" and mix 2 and you ride 1 mushroom and cook commonly.



18. Canned fired rice with tuna ... tuna upgrades!


Fired rice with tuna image



・Tuna canned food one can

・There is little garlic powder

・For four cups of rice bowls of "Saga is ideal day"

・Liquor tablespoon 2 and 1/2

・Soy sauce tablespoon 2 and 1/2

・Small leek slicing appropriate amount (fully) 


 ◆How to make◆

 After putting 1 frying pan on the fire, and putting canned tuna in every oil, and being allowed to transfer garlic powder, and frying, and adding rice of "Saga is ideal day", and having further fried,

   We add liquor, soy sauce from pan skin and mix.

  (frying tuna well so that oil splashes point!)

We scatter arrangement small leeks to  2 device.



19. It is easy tofu and bowl ... of yam and is healthy!



Bowl image of tofu and yam


・For four cups of steaming rice bowls of "Saga is ideal day" 

・Cotton tofu one order

・200 g of yam

・Wasabi appropriate amount

・Laver appropriate amount

・Soy sauce appropriate amount

・Daikon sprouts 1 pack 


 ◆How to make◆

 We pay caliber 1 for tofu which we drained water off lightly and crush with fork lightly.

 2 yam barks and carve finely unevenly.

 We mix wasabi adequately while mixing 3 tofu and yam.

 We divide, "Saga is ideal day" that we cooked 4 into bowl next time and we cut laver and root that we pick up tofu and rubbed and scatter daikon sprouts which we cut to 1cm length.

 We drop soy sauce of quantity of 5 preference and have you mix.

 ※Even if add citron pepper and pickled plum; stone♪



20. To octopus bowl ... young man favorite rice of beautiful color!


Octopus bowl image



・"Is ideal day for Saga"; for four cups of bowls

・200 g of cow minces

・Salad oil teaspoon 1

・Soy sauce, Worcester sauce, each ketchup tablespoon 1

・Three pieces of lettuces

・Four mini-tomatoes

・Chili sauce or ketchup tablespoon 4

・80 grams of chopped cheese 


 ◆How to make◆

 1 mince sprinkles soy sauce, Worcester sauce, ketchup in frying pan which laid salad oil and fries while tasting.

 Ride cow mince, lettuce of limit not to do on "being ideal day for Saga" that cooked 2, and pick up slice of mini-tomato, and write chili sauce; chopped cheese

   We have you run.



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