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"Is ideal day for Saga"; the second recipe (NO.1 - NO.8)

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1. Rice of sweet potato with sesame



Rice image of sweet potato with sesame


・"Is ideal day for Saga"; three cups

・White sesame tablespoon 1

・Salt teaspoon 1   

・Three cups of water and 1/2

・500 grams of sweet potatoes 


 ◆How to make◆

 We polish 1 one hour before we cook "Saga is ideal day" and soak in water.

   We wash sweet potato well and cut as skin at 1 centimeter of 5 millimeters corner and we soak in salt water for around one hour and cut moisture.

 We nominate 2 meters for colander and put in the rice cooker and we mix sesame and put new water and we add salt and mix.

 We cook 3 sweet potatoes commonly on one of rice after draining the water.



2. Bowl of ground pork and tofu


Bowl image of ground pork and tofu  


・It is four cups to rice bowl which "Saga is ideal day" and cooked lightly

・400 grams of ground pork  

・Salad oil tablespoon 1

・Cotton tofu one order  



・Soy sauce tablespoon 4

・Mirin tablespoon 4

・Sugar tablespoon 1

・Liquor tablespoon 2   

・1/2 cup of stock


・1/2 bundle of honewort       

・Four eggs


 ◆How to make◆

 We wrap 1 cotton tofu in dishcloth and squeeze lightly and untie.

 It heats salad oil in 2 pans and we put ground meat and add cotton tofu of saute 1 and further fry.

 We divide fog, egg into length of 3 centimeters, and axis of 3 honewort unties.

 We match stock and A with pan of 4 2 and bring to a boil.

 We wash down beaten egg and put in 5 4, and we scatter honewort, and be rich, and we close the cap, and egg steams fire for 2-3 minutes if it becomes soft-boiled.

 We fully put 5 on rice of bowl of "Saga is ideal day", and 6 is completed.

   It is delicious even if we put chopped seaweed!



3. Sea urchin meal


Sea urchin meal image


・"Is ideal day for Saga"; two cups     

・Two cups of stock

・Light soy sauce tablespoon 2     

・1/2 salt teaspoon 

・40 grams of bottle sea urchins    

・Two egg yolks

・Liquor tablespoon 2     

・Chopped laver appropriate amount  


 ◆How to make◆

 You may pour egg yolk, sea urchin, liquor into 1 small pot and mix and roast patiently until we write, and it is low temperature for polo polo using 3-4 chopsticks.

 We wash "Saga is ideal day" and raise by 2 to colander.

 We put stock and light soy sauce, salt in 3 rice cookers and we mix 1/3 of liquor sea urchin which we roast and played and cook commonly.

 If 4 is cooked, we put the height, sea urchin which we left on container and it ticks away and scatters laver.



4. Adductor muscle rice


Adductor muscle rice image


・"Is ideal day for Saga"; two cups    

・Two cups of juice of stock + can

・Liquor tablespoon 2   

・Light soy sauce tablespoon 1

・1/2 salt teaspoon

・40 grams of canned scallop (flake)

・One slice of ginger


 ◆How to make◆

 We wash "Saga is ideal day" and raise by 1 to colander. As for ginger, small; shred.

 We match juice of stock and can of scallop with 2 rice cookers and can enter and put light soy sauce, salt, liquor.

 We pay 3 for adductor muscle and ginger which we untied and switch on rice cooker.



5. kanshindon of tofu



kanshindonkakuzo of tofu


・Four cups of rice bowls which "Saga was ideal day" and cooked

・Cotton tofu one order      

・Dogtooth violet starch appropriate amount

・Sesame oil appropriate amount      

・100 grams of chicken minces

・1/2 cup of stock



・Soy sauce tablespoon 3  

・Liquor tablespoon 3

・Mirin tablespoon 3  

・Sugar tablespoon 1


・Laver appropriate amount  

・Daikon sprouts 1 pack


 ◆How to make◆

 We combine soy sauce, liquor, mirin, sugar with 1 stock, and come to the boil and enter and boil mince of chicken.

 2 tofu drains the water lightly and cover with limit, equal dogtooth violet starch into 3 cm square.

 It heats sesame oil and classifies 1 into 3 frying pans and prints the surface in spite of being rolling and if the whole is burnt crisply, we add 2 and twine.

 We serve rice of "Saga is ideal day" in 4 device, and write sauce which rides tofu, and was left to frying pan and scatter daikon sprouts and laver which we cut to 1 centimeter of length.



6. Oyster zosui



Oyster zosui image



・It is two cups rice of "it is ideal day for Saga" lightly    

・Stock 2 and 1/2 cup

・There is little salt   

・Mirin tablespoon 1  

・Light soy sauce tablespoon 1 and 1/2

・200 grams of oysters    

・50 grams of carrots

・One piece of straight shiitake      

・Thing small quantities of blue such as garland chrysanthemum

・Two eggs


  ◆How to make◆

 1 oyster washes well.

 We pour stock, salt, mirin, light soy sauce into 2 earthenware pots and add oyster if it boils and take out only oyster after heating.

 We put carrot and straight shiitake which we shredded in the stock of 3 earthenware pots and add rice.

 We boil for approximately 4 five minutes and put garnish and we return oyster and add beaten egg and we close the cap and stop fire, and egg is completed if soft-boiled.



7. Chirashi-sushi which is full of carrots


 Chirashi-sushi image which is full of carrots 


・"Is ideal day for Saga"; three cups    

・One carrot University


(blended vinegar)

・1/3 cup of vinegar       

・50 grams of sugar

・Salt tablespoon a little less than one


・White sesame tablespoon 1      

・For four shredded omelets 


 ◆How to make◆

 1 carrot of 1 centimeter of length shred.

 We wash 30 minutes before we burn "Saga is ideal day" and drain off water about water and pay cooking rice mind 2.

  We ride carrot which we add water of the same amount and cut and switch on. You may make blended vinegar and mix.

 We hang vinegar which we put together in cooking rice when we can cook 3 rice and we move to hastily big bowl, and mix and wave sesame.

 We serve in 4 dishes and hang shredded omelet.

 ※Even sushi meal is delicious without ingredients!



8. Inarizushi of cereals rice


Inarizushi image of cereals rice 


・"Is ideal day for Saga"; 2 and 1/2 cup   

・1/2 cup of cereals United States

・Three cups of water


 (sushi vinegar)

・1/3 cup of vinegar  

・40 grams of sugar  

・2/3 salt tablespoon


・15 pieces of sushi deep frying      

・Two cups of stock

・50 grams of sugar      

・Soy sauce tablespoon 3 


 ◆How to make◆

 1 cereals rice can reach water beforehand and uses soup.

   We mix "Saga is ideal day", and "Saga is ideal day" puts cereals in the rice cooker after washing and we do the amount of water and put for 30 minutes and switch on and cook.

 We put vinegar, sugar, salt together and mix well at the same time as 2 switches on and make sushi vinegar.

 We put sushi vinegar which we matched with rice cooker when we can cook 3 rice at a time and we mix quickly and move to sushi plate and mix well.

 We do 4 sushi deep frying into limit, a bag form to two and we boil twice and do decoloring by oil and we wash in water well and catch with palm and drain the water.

 We put sugar, soy sauce, salt in 5 stock and bring to a boil and we can enter and drop sushi deep frying that we did and close the cap and simmer oil-extracted fried bean curd slowly.

 Checkmate and pick up sesame on sushi deep frying that we make 6 sushi meals in straw bag type and turned down lightly.

 ※Quantity of sushi meal is slightly rather much.

 ※Anthozyan pigment of brown rice entering "Saga is ideal day" discolors red, and cereals are beautiful.

 ※It is easy if we are busy when we buy seasoning sushi deep-fried food and make.



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