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"Is ideal day for Saga"; the third recipe (NO.1 - NO.8)

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1. Korean sashimi rice 



Korean sashimi rice image


・For four cups of rice bowls which "Saga was ideal day" and cooked

・200 g of sashimi (white)

・Gochujang tablespoon 2

・Vinegar tablespoon 1

・Sesame oil teaspoon 1

・Soy sauce tablespoon

・1/2 sugar tablespoon

・Pickpocket sesame tablespoon 1

・For two shredded omelets

・For 1/2 white leek

・For five pieces of green shiso

・Four pieces of sunny lettuce


 ◆How to make◆

 We twine 1 sashimi around gochujang, vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, pickpocket sesame.

  We shred limit, green shiso finely and expose white leek to white hair leek once.

 "Saga is ideal day", and 2 rides sunny lettuce on the warm rice which we cooked and puts sashimi and decorates leek, shredded omelet, green shiso and has while mixing.



2. renjichikimpirafu


renjichikimpirafu image  ◆Materials◆

・For four cups of rice bowls which "Saga was ideal day" and cooked

・Sea chicken one can

・150 g of canned corn

・Squeeze of lemon teaspoon 2

・Light soy sauce tablespoon 1

・Salt, pepper each; there is few

・1/2 bundle of slicing of small leek


 ◆How to make◆

 We put rice, squeeze of lemon, light soy sauce which we cooked with canned corn and sea chicken every juice, "Saga being ideal day" that we drained off juice in the ball of 1 heat resistance

   We mix lightly and wrap and heat up for 2-3 minutes.

 We take lap of 2 balls and mix with chopsticks well and fix taste with salt, pepper and write in range for one minute and mix slicing of small leek and is completed.



3. Curry creamed prawns



Curry creamed prawns image


・For four cups of rice bowls which "Saga was ideal day" and cooked

・1/4 cup of parsley cutting fine

・200 g of frozen prawns 

・Salt, pepper each; there is few

・Curry powder tablespoon 1  

・Wheat flour tablespoon 4

・One onion University 

・Mushrooms small one can

・Butter tablespoon 2  

・One chicken consomme

・One cup of milk  

・1/2 cup of fresh cream

 ※Even if add 1/2 cup of canned corn if you like; ...


 ◆How to make◆

 We wash 1 prawn with salt water after peeling husk and do salt, pepper and cover with wheat flour.

 It heats after classifying half quantity of butter into 2 frying pans and puts to the edge after sauting until tender not to burn onion of slice,

   We put there remaining butter and heat prawns and add curry powder and wheat flour, mushrooms.

 We put milk in 3 2 and chop consomme and, in addition, we stew a little and we fix taste with salt, pepper and we can enter and finish fresh cream.

 "Saga is ideal day" and mixes tittle of parsley with rice which you cooked and makes 4 parsley rice, and you attach simmering in cream, and have.



4. Stone firing bibimbap



Stone firing bibimbap image


・700 g of rice which "Saga was ideal day" and cooked

・One bundle of spinach

・100 g of carrots


(A seasoning)

・Sesame oil teaspoon 2  

・There is little salt

・Pickpocket sesame tablespoon 2 

・300 g of Japanese radishes

・There is little salt


(B seasoning)

・Vinegar tablespoon 2 

・Sugar tablespoon 1

・200 g of beef 

・Sauce appropriate amount of roasted meat

・Salad oil teaspoon 1 

・200 g of kimchi

・Four egg yolks 

・Gochujang appropriate amount


 ◆How to make◆

 At first, 1 makes namul of vegetables.

   We boil spinach quickly and take in cold water and we cut and season 3 centimeters of length with half quantity of A seasoning (sesame oil, salt, pickpocket sesame).

   Carrot shreds and we boil quickly and season in remaining A (sesame oil, salt, pickpocket sesame).

 As for 2 Japanese radishes, is a bit big; shred, and let wave salt, and become soft, and season with diaphragm, B seasoning (salt, sugar) well.

 It heats salad oil to 3 frying pans and seasons beef with saute, sauce of roasted meat.

 Pull sesame oil in stone pan (or relievedly plate) which heated in 4 high temperatures, and "is ideal day for Saga", and spread with rice which cooked, on the top namul, Japanese radish, kimchi, roasted meat

   We pick up deliciously and put egg yolk in the center.

   Under rice should become brand-new and mixes and we attach gochujang and take among other things.



5. Rice of prawns soboroto green soybeans



Rice image of prawns soboroto green soybeans


・"Is ideal day for Saga"; two cups

・A little over two cups of water

・Salt teaspoon 1

・150 g of frozen green soybeans

・200 g of frozen prawns



・Liquor tablespoon 2 

・Sugar tablespoon 2

・There is little salt 


 ◆How to make◆

 "Saga is ideal day" inquires into 1 and, for every 30 minutes, adds water, salt, green soybeans which boil quickly, and took skin and cooks commonly.

 We rub 2 prawns with salt after barking and wash in water and wipe off water and tick away small.

 Put seasoning in 3 prawns, and is low temperature; roasting ritsuketesoboronisuru.

 Serve 4 rice in container; and prawns soboroonoseteitadaku.



6. Rice ball that "Saga is ideal day" and cooks


Rice ball image that "Saga is ideal day" and makes 



 ◆Delicious rice ball◆

  Even if anyone cooks rice ball, we think that it is similar thing,

  After all, it will be why that big difference exits in taste even if we use the same rice.

  Your rice ball becomes much more delicious for little consideration, too.

  Rice is dried food.

  We wash in winter one hour before Nara and, for 30 minutes, will rank water in the summer.

  It is not necessary to polish recent rice roughly, and let's wash with water with full of 3-4 times.

  If time passes, we put up rice to colander and cut water which we soaked and put rice in the rice cooker,

  We pour water as it is slightly more a lot than quantity that we measured of rice and switch on.


  We mix with rice scoop lightly immediately from the bottom of the pot if cooked.

  Size of rice ball is free, but I make four with 1 go.


  We put rice for one in the rice bowl and we roll and we are madly in love and can grasp.

  Hand applies rather much salt in wet state.

  We can grasp without putting water on hand when we improve without touching grain in hand only with the moisture of salt.


  Rear 2-3 times are light and hold the first handful well and are completed.

  Not to grasp firmly too much; softly.

  It is delicious even if we wrap in laver.



7. It is good healthy rice in season from plum taste grated yam bowl ... now.


Plum taste grated yam bowl image 


・For four cups of rice bowls which "Saga was ideal day" and cooked

・Natto (small grain) 4 pack

・100 g of yams

・8-12 okra


(A seasoning)

・Mirin tablespoon 1

・Ume flesh teaspoon 1

・Soy sauce tablespoon 1 and 1/2

・Chopped laver appropriate amount 


 ◆How to make◆

 1 yam boils cutting, okra small and mixes with chopped natto for cold water small,

   We season with seasoning of A and will stir.

 "Saga is ideal day" and scatters chopped seaweed to rice which we cooked and fully picks up 1 and takes 2.



8. Deep-fried chicken bowl


Deep-fried chicken bowl 


・For four cups of rice bowls which "Saga was ideal day" and cooked

・Daikon sprouts 1/2 pack

・300 g of chicken peach bodies


(preliminary seasoning seasoning)

・Salt, pepper each; there is few 

・One egg

・Dogtooth violet starch tablespoon 4 

・Frying oil appropriate amount


(laying upon seasoning)

・Soy sauce tablespoon 3  

・Vinegar tablespoon 2

・Source tablespoon 1  

・Liquor tablespoon 1

・Ketchup tablespoon 1 

・Sugar tablespoon 1

・Ginger mijin tablespoon 1

・White negimijin tablespoon 1


・Laver appropriate amount 

・Needle ginger appropriate amount


 ◆How to make◆

 We slice 1 chicken and intertwine all the preliminary seasoning seasonings.

 We make 2 alignment seasoning.

 We will add 3 chickens to 2 laying upon seasonings.

 "Saga is ideal day", and 4 serves rice which we cooked in bowl and we put laver and ride chicken,

  We make daikon sprouts and flyer needle ginger topping on food.



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