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(6) Recipe using "it is ideal day for Saga" recommended Mr. Chizue Yamagiwa

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(6) Introduction of recipe using "Saga is ideal day"

★Rice is feast! Recipe using "Saga is ideal day" of Mr. Chizue Yamagiwa


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 We had Mr. Chizue Yamagiwa of achievement develop recipe using "Saga is ideal day" on RKB radio as dishes researcher and essayist in Fukuoka. (from February 1, 2010 to March 26, 2010)

 In addition, on "Ryo Monma today of the station, feeling is excellent!" (weekdays from 9:00 to 13:00), at corner in program, was introduced to recipe.


 In this page, Mr. Yamagiwa introduces devised recipe. 

   It is easy and is economical, and there are full of wonderful recipes.

         Please include in recipe list of pride after trial at home.


 1. Field mustard rice    2. Lily root rice   3. Salmon rice
 4. Carrot rice   5. Sweet potato rice with sesame  Recipe of 1-5 is this
 6. For swing of mackerel   7. Japanese radish rice  8. Rice of carrot and kombu
 9. Spicy fried rice  10. Ginger rice  Recipe of 6-10 is this
 11. Oyster rice  12. Mixture of vinegar, soy sauce and sugar of dried strips of radish  13. soborogo meal
 14. The soup clay sea  15. Of beef rain off and on; dish simmered in  Recipe of 11-15 is this
 16. Oyakodon  17. Mushroom rice  18. Fired rice with tuna
 19. Bowl of tofu and yam  20. Octopus bowl  Recipe of 16-20 is this
 21. Brief chirashi-sushi  22. Sekihan    23. Rice croquette
 24. Chicken Nanban bowl  25. Steamed rice of sweet roasted chestnut and roasted pork  Recipe of 21-25 is this
 26. How to cook rice porridge  27. Brown alga five kinds of rice  28. Large Japanese bookbinding bowl
 29. Ankake lettuce  30. Celery boiled in soy  Recipe of 26-30 is this
 31. Short-necked clam rice  32. Brief risotto  33. Beef and takikomi gohan of burdock
 34. Soup of rice  35. Oiled sardines bowl  Recipe of 31-35 is this
 36. Natto zosui  37. Octopus meal  38. Green peas rice with dried whitebait
 39. Onion and Maloney bowl  40. For juice of regional chicken  Recipe of 36-40 is this



★We are fine with rice! Simple recipe of Mr. Chizue Yamagiwa

 ●Was broadcasted in RKB Mainichi Broadcasting, "opening! It is recipe using "Saga is ideal day" introduced in Umeko restaurant program (from October 12, 2010 to December 14).


 1. Rice of sweet potato with sesame   2. Bowl of ground pork and tofu   3. Sea urchin meal 
 4. Adductor muscle rice  5. kanshindon of tofu  6. Oyster zosui
 7. Chirashi-sushi only for carrot  8. Inarizushi of cereals rice Recipe is this


 ●It is recipe using "Saga is ideal day" broadcasted in RKB Mainichi Broadcasting. (from January 25, 2011 to March 15)

  Please try Mr. Yamagiwa in recommended "Saga is ideal day".


 1. Korean sashimi rice 

 2. Range sea chicken pilaf  3. Curry creamed prawns 
 4. Stone firing bibimbap  5. Rice of prawns soboroto green soybeans  6. Rice ball that "Saga is ideal day" and cooks
 7. Plum taste grated yam bowl  8. Deep-fried chicken bowl  Recipe is this



 To delicious information of "Saga is ideal day"


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