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 As for the Fruit Research Laboratory, four study people in charge conduct affairs about fruit tree or pest of each charge. We accept consultation such as fruit tree cultivation with telephone and E-mail at any time. 

※Than JA saga issuance "fruit tree of Saga" from March, 2013 to June issue

Examination problem

List of 2020 Experiments and reserach problems

 Kind development study charge

  • Floating skin is like the saving of labor not to occur; cheap; constant; upbringing of satsuma mandarin orange kind that can produce
  • Upbringing of original citrus fruit kind that is excellent seasoning, high added value 
  • Citrus fruit system adaptability certification examination

 Evergreen fruit tree study charge

  • Cultivation with manure management technology improvement in multi-cultivation of satsuma corresponding to the weather change
  • Development of environmental optimization technology in house for energy saving, yasuteitashu of house mandarin orange
  • Establishment of kohinshitsukayasuteiseisangijutsu of citrus fruit "*gakashi 35" immature among Saga originals
  • Development of implanted root zone restrictions cultivation law enhancing effect of seat multi-cultivation of satsuma
  • Development of robot for work for large labor saving of fruit production and fresh verdure form

 Fallen leaves fruit tree study charge

  • Development of excellent seedling upbringing technology aiming at construction of two phone pear sapling production systems suitable for Saga
  • Development of cropping system that aimed at 3 tons of yields of grape "shine muscat"
  • Introduction of peach plum promising kind aiming at stable fruit tree management
  • Development of steady supply system of domestic pollen which does not depend on import pollen

 Pest study charge

  • Fruit tree pest generating preliminary guess business
  • Examination about search of less toxic pesticide
  • Establishment of fruit tree pest synthesis prevention technique corresponding to food safety, reliable intention
  • Establishment of difficulty prevention in fruit tree and quick prevention technology of novel pest
  • New pest prevention using light! Development of physical prevention technology for fruit tree shortage prevention pest
  • Development of stable production engineering in young trees such as fruit trees


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