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 In Saga agricultural experimental station (the existing Agricultural Research Center) from around 1965. Because we started collection of farming implements in the prefecture, life articles, and display, preservation utilized these in occasion when examination room moved to current residence in 1968, we built agriculture history museum in the hall.


 Shojiro Miyajima (management laboratory duty) who was the staff of agricultural experimental station walked around jurisdiction with the staff of the spread place, office, agricultural cooperative of the prefecture at the time of this time and got good will and cooperation of various places of farmhouse and collected more than 600 points of old farming implements and life tools and displayed.


 It is Shiraishi plains where human power was the center, agricultural life tool of various places throughout the prefecture including the Higashimatsuura area whole area, and these materials put things which they collected afterwards together, and they are given to about 2,000 points including Saga plains of horse-labor farming farming zone.  

464 points of these are appointed on March 28, 1977 by Saga important materiality race cultural assets.


 If a lot of things used for agriculture of Saga flatland are for cultivation of land, we can classify farming implements for others management work for transportation for threshing adjustment. We call and can know the situation that accomplished big development of Saga agriculture mainly on Saga flatness including the change of structure of karasuki of cow horse-labor farming and the change of appliance for affusion of rice over the Showa period in the Taisho era after the Meiji era.


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