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We publish Notifecations style pertaining to Construction Recycling Law

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 Construction waste (waste occurring by construction) accounts for about 20% of the whole industrial waste, 24% of quantities of final action, but "law about recycling of material pertaining to construction" (we say "Construction Recycling Law" as follows.) is enforced to plan promotion of appropriate processing and recycling of construction waste, reduction of environment load.


 This law regulates the mince dismantling (dismantling buildings at a stretch without separating) making recycling difficult, and it obliges to the classification dismantling of specific construction material (concrete, concrete and construction material, wood consisting of iron, asphalt concrete) and recycling.

(you put "collection of Construction Recycling Law questions and answers" (MLIT related link's HP) and "construction by-product recycling public information promotion meeting HP" together, and please refer. ) 


 Pursuant to the provision of said law, we are required to report to each engineering works office (about construction in Saga-shi Saga-shi government office) having jurisdiction over place constructing specific construction material about use or construction to occur on constant construction scale within seven days before construction start. 

 We publish Notifecations style in attached file. 

  About grant of Construction Recycling Law Notifecations finished seal, please see this.


 In addition, we acquire construction industry permission (limited to 3 types of industry of public works business, building works business, the dismantling construction work.), or either receiving registration of the dismantling construction business (as for one contract price being less than 5 million yen in the case of the dismantling construction of workpiece, engineering works workpiece.) is necessary for (we include thing to let someone else undertake the dismantling construction that we undertook, and to run.) when we perform sales undertaking the dismantling construction to have removing of buildings.

 For more information, look here.



Attached file


※As style changes with what was enforced on April 1, 2020 partly from June 29, 2020, laws to revise a part of law (say "the Freon discharge restraint method" as follows.) about adequacy of rationalization of use of Freon and management, please be careful.


 Please see this about Freon discharge restraint law.

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