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We explain "methods of summary, application of permission system of construction industry"

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About methods of summary and application of permission system of construction industry, it is street of attached file.

About revised matter to depend on construction industry permission such as new establishments of the dismantling construction work, please confirm flyer of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism making.

PDF About revised matter to depend on construction industry permission (flyer) We open with the other window(PDF: 473.4 kilobytes)


Permission of construction industry

Person who is going to run construction industry must receive permission of construction industry for each type of industry (note 1).
In this case we say business to undertake completion of construction (note 2) whether you do for original contractor, what kind of subcontract or other name with "construction industry".
Therefore, even in the case of subcontractor, permission of construction industry is necessary let alone former certifier undertaking construction from owner directly.
But it is excluded when we undertake only slight construction (note 3).


(note 1) type of industry…We say type of construction and are divided into 27 "specialty construction" including two "complete set construction" of engineering works complete set construction, building complete set construction and carpenter construction, plasterer construction, electricity construction.


"Complete set construction" is construction to perform in combination various specialty construction 2 or more by construction to build engineering works workpiece or building with general plan, instruction, adjustment basically.

For example, we correspond to building complete set construction when we undertake building of house which puts carpenter construction, plasterer construction, roof construction, electric construction together, and is performed as complete set. Contract only for a part of those becomes each applicable specialty construction.  


Generally, we correspond to this complete set construction when we make engineering works workpiece with independent purpose of use or building.

For example, by engineering works relations, we say thing with purpose of use to itself such as road, bridge, tunnel, dam in building itself such as extension and/or alteration to need new construction and building certification of building with it is thing with the purpose of use, building relations.


In addition, we need "general plan, instruction, adjustment", and it is said that it is included in thing complete set construction that we cannot construct by individual specialty construction by complexity of scale (on a large scale) and construction contents of construction even if it is single specialty construction.


In addition, attention is necessary when supplier who received permission of "complete set construction" undertakes other "specialized construction" alone as you must receive permission of the specialty construction business except "minimal construction" not to need permission separately.

For example, even if have permission of the building complete set construction work, of roof when it is construction 5 million yen or more each when dub, and undertake chisel, and undertake only redecoration of store, roof construction business, permission of interior fitter business are necessary. 


(note 2) contract…Of the person concerned, on the other hand, (contractor) promises a certain "completion of work", and is by contract containing the other party (orderer) paying for reward for (finished work) as a result of work.


Therefore, permission of construction industry is unnecessary as it cannot be said with business of contract of construction as for the thing such as next example 1 which does not undertake construction from another person or 2.  

      • When construction of company company building by example 1) construction company constructs construction workpiece to use by oneself by oneself
      • When example 2) real estate agency builds built-for-sale house of sale purpose by oneself 


(note 3) with slight construction,

 (1)Construction except building complete set construction……Construction with less than 5 million yen in one contract price (※)

 (2)Building complete set construction……We correspond to any of the following  

      • Construction with less than 15 million yen in one contract price (※)
      • Construction in wooden house (regardless of contract price) with total floor area less than 150 square meters


(※) When we encounter calculation of "the contract price" mentioned above, attention is necessary for the following point.

 (a) Sum including consumption tax and local consumption tax 

 (i) If divide completion of construction into contracts two or more, and undertake, net total of each contract

For example, we calculate the following case as one construction even if contract is divided.

  • Contract that original contract and additional construction that occurred afterwards require 
  • When contract is divided into independent koshumai

 (u) Sum that added those prices when orderer offered materials, and the price of materials was not included in contract price

For example, by fixed construction of machine, we add up sum of value of machine which you should install and fixed construction cost and calculate.


 (e) When construct by unit price contract, the amount of whole (unit price X amount)

For example, we calculate the total sum as contract price when construction of around hundreds of thousands of yen per one is performed by one-year facilities construction of precinct intermittently. 

General construction industry and specific construction industry

Permission of construction industry divides by the total sum that original contractor orders from primary subcontractor according to one of "general construction industry" and "identification construction industry" and is performed.


This division was founded for the purpose of protection of subcontractor mainly, and, as for the specific construction industry, permission requirements (qualification, financial basis of office exclusive duty engineer) and duties regulation (payment of the subcontract price, skill level of placement engineer, making of construction system account book) are aggravated in comparison with general construction industry.


When, in one construction that we undertook from owner (the first orderer of construction) directly, the total sum of primary subcontract for work of the construction becomes 40 million yen (in the case of building works business 60 million yen) or more

 Permission of specific construction industry is necessary

Other than above

It shines and supports with permission of general construction industry, and there are none


Requirements of permission

You must satisfy the next important matter to receive permission of construction industry.

(1) One person being administrator of management duties having experience about management of construction industry above a certain level among regular officers (in the case of personal company business owner or manager) in the case of corporation.

In this case, as a general rule, we say that we engage in the duties with constant plan during time appointed every day except day not to need other duty on holiday in the head office, the head office "to be regular".

For example, "officer" is company, corporation and says board member (except auditor).


With "experience about management (※) of construction industry", we say experience that we managed about management duties of construction industry on business transactions generally externally in position having responsibility.


Specifically, Article 3 servant (is branch manager and Director business of full-time employment receiving commission such as estimate, bid, conclusion of contract, and representative incarnation such as corporations says thing reporting to permission administrative agency.) to give an order to start in officer, personal business owner or the manager of corporation or permission supplier We point to experience that carried out management duties generally of this in position.


When we have experience of type of industry that is going to receive permission, "uniformity" or more, we say higher than for six years more than five years when we have experience except type of industry that is going to receive permission. 


※"Management of construction industry"…Every order of one construction, we say that we perform construction management that accepted the contents until completion of object of construction such as placement of procurement of fund, the purchase, engineer of material and worker, the choice of subcontractor and subcontract execution of contract appropriately depending on contents of the construction. 


(2) Locating engineer having constant qualifications (including hodokoshikokanrigishi, authorized architect) in each office by exclusive duty about type of industry that is going to receive permission.


In this case "office" means office concluding contract of the head office, branch and regular construction, and office which instruction about contract supervises for other offices, and participates in business about construction industry substantially is included.


"Exclusive duty" means that we hold a full-time position in the office and engage in the duties exclusively. 

Therefore, having relations that are continuous by the business main constituent and employment agreement, it must be thing which can work in the office during normal working hours except day not to need or other duty on holiday.


(3) Do not be person that fear to do unjust or insincere act about contract is clear.


In this case (ordinance Article 3 servant) such as representatives of (including part-time service) such as officers of corporation and office is included in object, too. (in the case of (5), it is similar.)


(4) Having financial basis to be enough if we perform contract or financial trust.


For example, in the case of permission of general construction industry, it is necessary that there is financial flexibility 5 million yen or more.

(deposit balance certificate attachment in the name of applicant by business financial institution e.g.:)


(5) It is not people who violated provisions of constant laws and ordinances in adult ward and the past when legal legal capacity is limited, and do not correspond to disqualification requirements.


As we become a target of cancellation of permission after having received permission about the above-mentioned (1) management duties administrator, (2) Office exclusive duty engineer because it is one of the permission requirements when we can lack in this, attention is necessary.


In this case these people die "to be missing", and the retirement, the retirement, placement change and are regular → Part-time service includes changes of form and says case that became absent to necessary place.


But person whom missing person should take place of does not become a target of cancellation of permission once, but must report so (change) within two weeks from day when the reason occurred.


We apply "construction industry permission desk work guidelines" on Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (related link) mutatis mutandis on examining permission in Saga.


Construction Industry Act and reference document about construction industry permission include the following thing other than material of related link, attached file.
○"Good offices of permission of revision 24 construction industry" (completion publishing company)
○"The [article by article commentary] Construction Industry Act commentary revision twelfth edition" (completion publishing company)


In addition, it is necessary to submit degree "financial statements notification of change" every year if "notification of change" passes in fiscal year when change occurs in permission matters to be entered in application after having received permission. 

For more details, attached file "learn from today…Please refer to Construction Industry Act (requirements P10, matter and return day P22 of permission).



Validity of permission

When update is hoped for as validity of permission becomes five years from day when we received permission, please submit "update application" within 30 days before day of the expiration for validity. (please ask each local maintenance station about minister permission.)


With "day of the validity expiration", day when we had permission says the day before on day corresponding to day that there was of the fifth-year permission. In this case as it expires on the day even if day of the expiration is holidays such as Sunday, attention is necessary.


When update is applied for, it becomes condition in case of reception desk every year that "financial statements notification of change" obliged to carry out submission is submitted all.


In addition, we decide to demand submission of "deposit balance certificate" of application holder of a title deed by business financial institution (5 million yen or more) like new case when supplier having general construction industry permission does not have the results that receive permission for five years in the past just before application, and continue, and were open when we perform permission application such as type of industry addition. 


In addition, please protect return day as return day of "financial statements notification of change" is less than four months after the progress for every fiscal year (accounting period) so that you do not submit for in a mass in the plural number year.


Please see page We open with the other windowof "it is necessary to have you submit "financial statements notification of change" every year (to constructors who received permission) within four months after the end for fiscal year" about submission of financial statements notification of change.



Permission application window, the submission number of copies

Construction industry permission application window is management section of prefectural engineering works office having jurisdiction over the head office location.


(1) Saga Construction Office (Saga-shi, Taku-shi, Ogi-shi)We open with the other window 

    Telephone: (0952)24-4345 


(2) Eastern Construction Office (Tosu-shi, Kanzaki-shi, Yoshinogari-cho, Kiyama-cho, Kamimine-cho, Miyaki-cho)We open with the other window

    Telephone: (0942)83-4176  


(3) Karatsu Construction Office (Karatsu-shi, Genkai-cho)We open with the other window

    Telephone: (0955)73-2861 


(4) Imari Construction Office (Imari-shi, Arita-cho)We open with the other window

    Telephone: (0955)23-4151 


(5) Kitou Construction Office (Takeo-shi, Kashima-shi, Ureshino-shi, Omachi-cho, Kouhoku-machi, Shiroishi-cho, Tara-cho)We open with the other window

    Telephone: (0954)22-4184 


Because examination, confirmation of documents at window is necessary, we ask for bringing submission. (we do not accept Applications and notifications by mail.)
In the case of Saga the Governer permission, the submission number of copies is three copies (the original 1, copy 2).


※Please see page about "each style, mention example such as permission application" (for Saga the Governer permission) about styles of application.We open with the other window


Standard handling of application period

In the case of Saga the Governer permission, standard handling of permission application period is around 40 days after we accept application in prefectural engineering works office.


But, during this period, we do not include in revision to demand correction of defect in format during period to need.

In addition, we do not include for examination during period before applicant replying to the request after demanding offers of information which is necessary for applicant even if appropriate application is accomplished. 


Such as business succession (personal from individual) or incorporation (corporation is formed from single proprietorship) when is special, please consult with Construction & Technology Division beforehand. 



Other instructions (by law except Construction Industry Act, "registration" or "Notifecations" may be necessary separately)

As registration or Notifecations may be necessary by other laws even if permission of construction industry is construction that is not necessary, attention is necessary.


(1) When we run the dismantling construction work, "registration of the dismantling construction work" is necessary regardless of contract price. (Construction Recycling Law)

But, among permission of construction industry, "public works business" is unnecessary for registration when we receive either permission of "building works business" or "the dismantling construction work".

※When we receive permission of "black kite, earthwork construction business" among construction industry permission continuously at the end of May, 2016, registration is not necessary until the end of May, 2019.


(2) When we run septic tank construction business, "registration of septic tank construction business" is necessary regardless of contract price. (the septic tank method)

But registration is unnecessary, but, among permission of construction industry, "Notifecations of exception septic tank mechanic company" is necessary "public works business" when we receive either permission of "building works business" or "tubing business".


(3) When we run electrician business, "registration" based on law about adequacy of duties of electrician business, "Notifecations" or "notice" is necessary.

For more details, please refer to department of policy crisis management, press bureau Fire & Disaster Prevention Division (telephone 0952-25-7027).


Notifecations may be necessary by other laws if permission of construction industry is necessary construction and corresponds in the case of uniformity


(1) "Notifecations" to administrative agency which received permission for (April 21, October 21) for less than three weeks from basic date is necessary whether deposit of deposit or house warranty liability insurance execution of contract as a substitute for this is certain as securing of means measures of warranty liability and is performed appropriately every two times a year of basic dates (March 31, September 30) when constructor who received permission of construction industry delivers new house. (the house warranty against vices observance of a contract method)

For more details, please see "page about the house warranty against vices observance of a contract method"We open with the other window.



Related link

About overall Construction Industry Act attached file "learn from today…Please refer to the following other than Construction Industry Act.


(reference materials)

 In addition, it is permitted the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport when plural location of office sit astride the prefecture.


(reference about minister permission) 

Person in charge of kokudokotsushokyushujiho*bikyokudatematsurigotobukeikaku, construction industrial section construction industry 

Telephone: 092-471-6331 (extension number 6146, 6145) 

Homepage: kokudokotsushokyushujiho*bikyokudatematsurigotobu We open with the other window(external link)

Attached file


(reference) When we want to check information of construction industry permission supplier 

When you want to check information of construction industry permission supplier (the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport permission, prefectural governors permission), please refer to the following.

Constructor, house-based suppliers company information retrieval system (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism homepage) We open with the other window(external link) 

※Precaution (we extract than "apologies" of system) on using

About constructor, we place information of constructor (the Governer permission supplier) whom constructor (minister permission supplier) and prefectural governors whom the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport permitted permitted.
In addition, about the Governer permission supplier, we do not place office information. (as for the column of "type of construction industry which received permission", it is permission information that merged branch with the principal office.)
(update of publication information)
We work on update of publication information at two times a month of frequency, but, by progress such as examination desk work pertaining to permission, license and registration, information in the actual situation and some time differences may occur. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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