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Because contract, deposit prevent trouble beforehand

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About basic knowledge before trading real estate

 Let's face business after acquiring basic knowledge in business of real estate in following guidebook and information site.


About confirmation matter before signing and sealing contract

 Let's confirm the contract price before contract about burden of expenses except (trading value, rent).

 Particularly, let's confirm before contract how we are listed in contract about restitutio in integrum expenses such as exchange expense of deposit and key in rental contract.

 In addition, let's confirm properly what happens when we cancel contract.


About deposit, restitutio in integrum expense

 In the Ministry of Construction (the existing Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) at the time with "trouble over restitutio in integrum guidelines" We open with the other window(external link) was announced in 1998 and was revised in 2004 and 2011. These guidelines do not have legal binding force, but lessors give enough explanations for tenant and as the business person concerned shares right recognition, is utilized for preventing and voluntary and harmonious solution between the people concerned of trouble in this way.


 But lease contract of private house is valid unless it conflicts with civil law and Land and House Rental Law by principle of freedom of contract. About the condition, there is no direct control law about problem in conjunction with restitutio in integrum from thought that it is not suitable that the government regulates.

 Therefore, as a general rule, such a problem will be solved by negotiations between the Parties. And we will finally plan end by trials when it is not settled by the negotiations.

 In addition, legal aid service window includes legal aid service or bar association by municipalities. Ask related organizations about the details such as the dates. In addition, as procedure for trials, ask summary court about inquiry about action on small claim.



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