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About documents pertaining to contract procedure for construction contract

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[instructions at the time of documents making]

 From October 1, 2020, making of documents (change contract, change progress schedule) in case of change contract, please be careful about the following points.

 ○Contents of contract list by black solid line at first

 ○Contents of change contract list in red solid line or sunspot line



 General documents having you submit when you conclude Saga and construction contract are as follows.

 In addition, please talk with owner when you are hard to stop at this.


[when we make a contract at first]

1 document of contract

  Of construction contract contract, styles such as the classification dismantling, Saga construction contract article

 Please submit covered binding thing two copies which you had sequentially.

  Construction material (concrete, kon specific working contract as for the styles such as the classification dismantling concerned

 Cleat and construction material, wood consisting of iron, asphalt concrete) are used

 Or it is spelling with style corresponding to construction scale to be construction to occur, and to correspond among next



  Attached sheet 1 by the dismantling construction of building the total of floor space 80 square meters or more:

  Attached sheet 2 by new construction, the enlargement construction of building the total of floor space 500 square meters or more:

      Or repair, redecoration of building are construction; contract price 100 million yen or more

  Contract price is 5 million yen by construction (public works) of workpiece except building attached sheet 3

      The above

  ※Contract price is amount of money including sum of consumption tax and local consumption tax


  Need to file styles such as the classification dismantling when we still less correspond to the construction scale mentioned above

 There is no this.


2 progress schedules

  Please choose style by contents of work process appropriately.


Notification forms such as 3 spot agents

  Documents (social insurance person insured qualification confirmation office action or which prove hiring

 Please attach reproductions of) such as identifications of person insured.

  Documents which add in chief engineer or the control engineer as above, and prove qualification

 (as for the resumes which passing proof, certificate, work experience can confirm control engineer qualified person

 Please attach proof, reproduction of identification of control engineer class completion).

  Note: In the spot agent, it is prescribed Saga construction contract article Article 10 Paragraph 2

    This can less hold an additional post with work manager in other construction and business consignments.

     But it is excluded when additional post meets requirements to be enabled.


4 performance bonds

  In the case of construction that contract price comes to have 5 million yen or more, it is a one-tenth or more of contract prices

 Of (when we contract with amount of money less than low bidding price three-tenths or more of contract prices)

 Performance bonds of sum are necessary.


  Method (we choose in the person of order) of performance bonds

  ・Payment of cash

  ・Offer of securities (limited to active bond government bonds)

  ・Guarantee of bank, financial institution admitting that owner is certain or guarantee business company

  ・Guarantee with public construction assurance of performance securities

  ・Performance bond insurance


Latch storing book of 5 datetaikyo

   We submit to confirm the purchase situation of mutual aid certificate stamp appropriate to the construction contract price concerned

 We have you do.

  But we take out medium and small-sized business retirement bonus system, mutual aid organization for specific retirement allowance system

 When it is not necessary to purchase mutual aid certificate stamp by equal no reason, "the construction industry retirement bonus

 Please submit written reasons not to purchase mutual aid certificate stamp.


Copy of 6 labor insurance reports (thing with reception stamp of labor standards office)

  If even one employs worker (including part timer, part-time job), legality

 It is decided to have to take out labor insurance of this. Therefore, of legality

 We have you submit to confirm that we have you take out labor insurance

 We do in this.


Copy of participation certificates such as 7 construction industry welfare mutual aid groups, work-related accident synthesis insurance, associate naming

 It is copy of insurance policy of ordinary accident insurance of this

  Because enough compensation has limit in legal workmen's accident compensation insurance, extra part of law

 We have you submit to confirm participation to work-related accident compensation system to affect this.


[when we start construction] 

Report of 1 start of construction

  Please submit within five days after the start of construction.

  Without others, special circumstances when there is that it is destiny to design book as for the person of order

 You must start construction within 30 days after conclusion of contract.


[when we conclude change contract]

1 document of contract

  Two copies of things which did covered binding in order of styles such as construction change contract contract, the classification dismantling

 Please submit.

  Style (it has the same as contract at first corresponding to construction scale that style corresponds to the classification dismantling

 Please file thing).

  In addition, do not keep style on file in the classification dismantling at the time of contract at first, as a result of change contract,

 When it is construction size as provided in Construction Recycling Law, we keep style on file in the classification dismantling

 Please be crowded.


2 progress schedules

  So that contents after change understand that is before change, contents before change with black after the change

 Please fill in contents with red. When contents do not have change, please submit.


3 performance bonds

  At the time of original contract by guarantee of financial institution and public construction assurance of performance securities performance bonds

 If when go, there is extension of term of works, within term of works of original contract of guarantee contents

 Change (guarantee extension of period) procedure is necessary.

  But it is the community of West Japan Construction Surety and East Japan Construction Surety

 In the case of construction performance bonds, we are changed with change for term of a guarantee for term of works by agreement with the prefecture

 It is considered that we were done. 

  In addition, as for seeking increase of the amount of performance bonds when we largely increase amount of contract

 There is.


※  About documents which submission is demanded from at time except conclusion of contract, it is engineering works

 Please refer to guide (the headquarters made with Saga prefecture soil) of construction construction management.  

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