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About documents pertaining to contract procedure for consignment contract such as engineering works design duties

The last update date:

[instructions at the time of documents making]

 From October 1, 2020, making of documents (change contract, change duties progress schedule) in case of change contract, please be careful about the following points.

 ○Contents of contract list by black solid line at first

 ○Contents of change contract list in red solid line or sunspot line



 General documents having you submit when Saga and engineering works design duties conclude consignment contract are as follows.

 In addition, please talk with owner when you are hard to stop at this.


[when we make a contract at first]

1 document of contract

  Thing Part 2 submission shitekuda which had engineering works design duties of covered binding in order of trust contract, article


  In addition, to thing decided to deal with personal information in the special mention specifications just

 teha engineering works design duties in order of trust contract, article, personal information handling special remarks

 Please do covered binding.


2 duties progress schedules


Notice of determination pertaining to the third engineer and being on the register roll certificate

  ・Management engineer

  ・Collation engineer

  ・Charge engineer


Engineer record of qualifications and experience in engineer described in 4 3 and certified copy such as qualifications


Reports such as regimes of 5 personal information

  When it is decided to deal with personal information, in the special mention specifications, submit

 Please give me.


6 performance bonds

  In the case of business consignment more than 1 million yen, amount of contract is a one-tenth or more of amount of contract

 Of (when we contract with amount of money less than low bidding price three-tenths or more of amount of contract)

 Performance bonds of sum are necessary.


  Method (we choose in the person of order) of performance bonds

  ・Payment of cash

  ・Offer of securities (limited to active bond government bonds)

  ・Guarantee of bank, financial institution admitting that owner is certain or guarantee business company

  ・Guarantee with public construction assurance of performance securities

  ・Performance bond insurance


[when we start duties]

Report of 1 start 

  Please submit within five days after start.

  Unless, as for the person of order, there is fate in special mention specifications, within 14 days after conclusion of contract

 You must start design duties. We design, and management engineer works with start

 We say that we perform meeting with overseer for equal no conduct. 


[when we conclude change contract]

1 document of contract

  Please submit two copies of change trust contracts to engineering works design duties.

  Please have cancellation of revenue stamp in representative mark after pasting about copy.

  In addition, please fill out with red after black, the change about observance of a contract period about observance of a contract period before change.


2 duties progress schedules

  Contents after changing contents before change with black so that contents after change understand that it is before change

 Please fill this in with red. When contents do not have change, please submit.


3 performance bonds

  At the time of original contract by guarantee of financial institution and public construction assurance of performance securities performance bonds

 If when go, there is observance of a contract extension of period, within original performance of contract period

 Change (guarantee extension of period) procedure for guarantee contents is necessary.

   But it is the community of West Japan Construction Surety and East Japan Construction Surety

 In the case of construction performance bonds by agreement with the prefecture with change between time of performances as for the term of a guarantee

 It is considered that we were changed.

  In addition, as for seeking increase of the amount of performance bonds when we largely increase amount of contract

 There is.


※  About documents which submission is demanded from at time except conclusion of contract, it is design ・

 Please refer to Surveys, surveying duties common specifications (the headquarters made with Saga prefecture soil).

Attached file

           H26.12.5 We add mention example of "section name" to seat of report of start 

           H27.4.1 Partial revision of style No. 4, style No. 6 and style No. 7
           H27.6.30 We revise mention example of "section name" of pasting on seat of report of start (river, erosion control and the shore, marine section) 
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