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About local ordering (September, 2015 update)

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<about approach about local ordering promotion>

 We consider the employment contribution to assume extended security at order opportunity of the prefecture company, maintenance of the employment basics as part of approach of "activation and employment measures of regional economy" taking economy, employment situation being in the still severe situation into consideration in the prefecture, and to raise hometown ordering, procurement rate and sort company which ordering, procurement intends for and, about promotion of local ordering to give priority to the prefecture company over, work from August, 2003.


Approach in <construction >

 1. Approach of the prefecture priority in subcontracts


   We specify in "Saga construction contract article" and "common specifications such as Saga public works" to plan inflection given priority to the prefecture company of subcontractor, the prefecture priority procurement such as material and priority utilization such as the prefecture engineers in the public construction. (construction targeted for WTO government procurement agreement is excluded.)


 2. The handling of specialized construction


  As competitiveness is low about slope construction and Traffic safety facility setting construction in public construction only in the prefecture company, about the prefecture company and some outside the prefecture companies where equal company works, we do the employment contribution or the construction system (engineer, warehouse) to the prefecture with important judgment element and recognize bid participation as "the associate prefecture company" about company meeting requirements.


  In addition, the prefecture residence employee that fixed ratios were or more decided to enlarge range of the associate prefecture company targeting at electricity construction and tubing based on the job situations about outside the prefecture company which worked in the prefecture branch to carry out purpose of local ordering to plan maintenance of the employment in the prefecture thoroughly.


 <about definition of the associate prefecture company> ・・ ・ September, 2015 update

 [attached file under ↓, please refer to "definition of the associate prefecture company" for definition of the associate prefecture company.]


<about approach to be able to establish consulting service>


 About construction consultation about public construction, we introduce design JV method by design joint venture with outside the prefecture company and the prefecture company for the purpose of improvement of technical standards of the prefecture construction consultation company and reinforcement of management base from August, 2006, and putting together between the prefecture admits from November, 2013. In addition, about construction consultation duties 10 million yen or more, we introduce conditioning open bid which considered local requirements from May, 2007 and perform approach to raise ordering rate to the prefecture company.



Attached file

 ・Definition (H27.9) With new window(PDF: 57.4 kilobytes) of the associate prefecture company


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