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Citizen of the prefecture general consultation, reporting window "administrative window"

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We do not make "the run-around"! We move on behalf of you.


 Counselor keeps "sweat persimmon, care fried observant care" in mind and it becomes feeling of citizens of the prefecture and receives.



 With is "citizen of the prefecture synthesis consultation, reporting window" (administrative window) in Saga prefectural government office the first floor of the new building; about consultation and woman consultation, NPO about prefectural government from citizens of the prefecture is consulted, and perform equipment, provision of information with various administration information about prefecture.
 If can come over to "administrative window", the staff of section concerned rushes to window and watches story. Person who was able to come for consultation can finish business here without the agency being searched for by yourself. In addition, we can talk by fax, email.

 In addition, at "administrative window", we perform reading such as administrative materials, offers such as tourist brochures, reservation, guidance of prefectural government building visit.



About summary of administrative window

Place          Saga prefectural government office the first floor of the new building
Use time from 8:30 to 17:15 (on Sundays and holidays, closed days such as New Year holidays are excluded on Saturday.) 

Four staff counselors, reception desk two

Area        140 square meters 

Facilities        Consultation, guidance counter, consultation, reading table, counselor's office, administrative material corner,
                  PC corner (three, Internet connection), color copier, desk work space,
                  There is public wireless LAN service

Trustee     Non profit organization Saga CSO promotion mechanism



About fax, consultation by email

 When we have "administrative window" talk by fax, email, about the answer, we give from each department in charge depending on contents.


[request and news about consultation by fax and email]

  1. Please fill in contents of consultation concretely as possible.
  2. I would like the name (full name) and entry of address (to issues room such as lot number, apartment apartment). When there is not entry, please note that transfer looks in department in charge.
  3. In the case of fax, please fill in number of fax.
  4. For approaches of the prefecture about following four items, we are having large number of suggestion, opinions now. Therefore is sorry to trouble you, but suggestion of duties refer to, and refrain from individual answers. In addition, please confirm as way of thinking of the prefecture places information that we updated in the following links at any time.

   Responses of the prefecture about new coronavirus infectious disease

   Ways of thinking of the prefecture about Kyushu Shinkansen (West Kyushu route)

   Way of thinking of the prefecture about use of Self-Defense Forces request of Saga Airport

   Way of thinking of the prefecture about nuclear power generation 

Privacy Policy
  1. As they perform answer from each department in charge of the prefectural office depending on consultation contents, the name, address, fax number, personal information of e-mail address just tell each department in charge.
  2. In administrative window and each department in charge, we use personal information that we had for any purpose other than duties purpose of our corner without consent of the person and may not provide to other sections, places and third parties in the prefectural office.
  3. When we belong to slander slander, verbal abuse, religion, commercial purpose, invitation to another person, event request, individual present and judge with (Personal, personal, political thing), we will not reply. In addition, please note that you may not reply depending on contents.

About list of administrative materials which we can read at administrative window

 At "administrative window", we can read administration information about information to be useful for important plan and all of the prefectures.

 For more details, please see "list of administrative window open shelf materials".
 In addition, please feel free to contact as you can offer tourist brochure in the prefecture.



About reservation, guidance of visit to prefectural government building

 The staff of "administrative window" will guide if you can apply beforehand when prefectural government building is observed for learning of social studies.

 For more details, please see "guidance of central government office". 




Attached file

  PDF The 2019 use results We open with the other window(PDF: 593.1 kilobytes)



Contact information

Administrative window

 TEL: 0952-25-7010 (extension 1190-1193)

 FAX: 0952-25-7149

 E-mail: [email protected]

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Saga prefectural government office (corporation number 1000020410004)

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Tel: 0952-24-2111 (main)
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