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We would like a lot of, consultation early. 
In addition, we establish consultation counter of establishment as usual on Saturday on Sundays and holidays.
About detailed information such as the establishment date and time, we publish in link of each item depending on consultation content. 

The public

Historic document reference window

Citizen of the prefecture general consultation, reporting window (administrative window)

Victim support

Victim support window pertaining to the Great East Japan Earthquake

Gender equality

Woman general consultation

Male general consultation

Consultation about LGBT

Sex violence relief center, Saga (Saga mirai), abanse woman general consultation 

The issue of human rights, Dowa Human rights awareness center saga

Consultation counter about new coronavirus infectious disease

New influenza inquiry counter

General consultation counter about infectious disease

Saga medical care security support center

Saga community medicine support center

Trouble consultation dial of cancer

It is consultation counter, Work support window in liver anything

Consultation about nourishment ingredient indication

Dentistry health consultation of person with a disability and patients with intractable disease

AIDS consultation


AIDS telephone service

Consultation counter for uterine cervix cancer prevention vaccine which symptom produced after the vaccination

Intractable disease consultation

Saga intractable disease consultation support center

Mental health welfare consultation

Mental health welfare consultation (consultation of heart)

Consultation (alcohol, gamble, drug) about dependency

Consultation of pubertal heart

Telephone of Saga heart

As for the children chronicity identification illness children, it is independence support project

The welfare

Saga at-home life support center (Saga saposenta breath breath building)

Saga dementia call center

Saga juvenile dementia support center

Saga dementia disease medical center

Person with a physical disability rebirth consultation

Mentally-disabled person rebirth consultation

The person with a disability 110th

Person with a physical disability life training, consultation

Consultation about hearing loss

Discriminatory cancellation promotion window on the grounds of obstacle

Consultation of single-parent homes

Woman consultation

Saga life independence support center

Consultation about person with a physical disability assistance dog

Consultation counter specialized in the development person with a disability

The eastern development person with a disability support center "is constipated"

Western development person with a disability support center "blue sky" - SORA

Saga development person with a disability Work support center "SKY"

Saga stop-at-home area support center "sagasumirai"

Request for Saga former Eugenic Protection Act lump sum consultation counter

Marriage, pregnancy, birth, childrearing

Saga encounter support center

Pregnant woman SOS saga

The pregnancy, childbirth, child-care consultation service

Sterility, fuikusemmonsodan center

Sterility, fuikusodan, child guidance

Life, traffic accident, road

Cyber trouble consultation

Consumer life consultation

Traffic accident consultation

Support for crime victims consultation

The waste 110th

The food indication 110th

Consultation such as drinking water

Dog, consultation of cat

Counselor's office of way

Legal aid service


Prefectural housing consultation

House consultation (local visit)

House consultation

Consultation about bargain sale (loan) article of owned by a prefecture place

EmigrationSaga emigration support desk 
Education, cultural assets

Saga Education Center telephone consultation

Telephone consultation of heart

Bullying hot line

Consultation counter (thing about school life) for uterine cervix cancer prevention vaccine which symptom produced after the vaccination

Saga child, young people's general consultation center

Consultation counter about ICT rikatsuyokyoiku

Saga scholarship fund consultation counter

Lifelong learning consultation

Junior and senior high school students studying abroad consultation corner

Cultural assets consultation


Labor consultation

Vocational training consultation

Job cafe SAGA (young fellow employment support facility)

Senior smile salon saga

Labor-management dispute consultation

SSP asuritojobusapo

Saga nursery staff, nursery school support center

UJI turn employment support, global human resources employment support, older age human resources employment support, side job consultation

Work counselor's office (senior support desk who wants to work) of Saga

Side job consultation

Commerce and industry

Saga industry is stylish; center

Corporate management, founding, finance, research and development

Business consultation (company, management, business capital)

Consultation about industrial technology

Consultation about ceramics technology


Construction industry base reinforcement business

Open call for participants window of paid advertisement

Agriculture and forestry fisheries



Consultation about farmland middle management business

Agricultural corporation establishment consultation

Consultation about farming technique, farming

Consultation about fishery technology

Tree planting consultation

Consultation about forest, forestry technology

Securing of Saga forestry work force support center

Support consultation counter for agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry producer

Inquiry counters about livestock epidemic such as bird flu (poultry)

Inquiry counter about the wild birds and beasts

Consultation about farm village business

International exchange

Saga multicultural symbiosis center

Saga Japan and Korea interchange center

Saga Saga International Plaza

Consultation about passport

Prefectural tax consultation Prefectural tax consultation
Consumption tax consultation Consumption tax, consultation about tax increase of local consumption tax
NPO NPO corporation application consultation

Application for Furusato Nouzei (oldness and donation) window

Application for Furusato Nouzei (oldness and donation: support such as NPO corporations) window

Consultation counter of Furusato Nouzei (the local construction support taxation system) for company


Reference corner (Surveys consultation service) 

Business consultation

Legal aid service



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