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2015: Example that your opinion led to improvement

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 Suggestion and opinion sent by citizens of the prefecture are important at all in performing various examination that the prefecture pushes forward work.
 Suggestion and opinion that we had are a chance, and there is thing which was able to confirm directionality of examination that the prefecture pushes forward without in thing tied to industrialization and desk work improvement and again direct opportunity among them.

 Here, suggestion and opinion that we had in 2015 introduce example tied to industrialization and desk work improvement.

 In addition, opinion publishing in list shown below and contents which we reflected extract only point about improvement among opinion and answers from the prefecture that we had and place. 



 [health, the welfare]  [agriculture and forestry fisheries business and industry]


[the making of prefectural soil]   [education, culture, sports]  [the public, others administrative]


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Examples such as improvement in 2014 from this


Examples such as improvement in 2015

[health, the welfare]

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 Contents which we reflected

April, 2015


About public health center correspondence that <sixth industry inhibits becoming >


 Instruction content varies among the staff, and, in the case of procedure for permission of food business, correspondence has a problem.


 We held information sharing so that instruction content did not vary according to the people in charge and directed to keep plain explanation in mind not to cause misunderstanding of consultant.

April, 2015


About indication violating <pharmaceutical products medical equipment law (old name: Pharmaceutical Affairs Law) >


 We want you to teach as there is homepage displaying violating the pharmaceutical products medical equipment law.


 As there was non-appropriate indication about bath salts published in page you pointed out, we taught improvement for company.

September, 2015


<about sight child with a disability, person support>


 We want you to lay emphasis on support of the visually impaired including "business such as halfway visually impaired Emergencies life action training" so that the visually impaired can live in security, relief.


 We made brochures of business such as halfway visually impaired Emergencies life action training and tried for common knowledge, and training users increased.

October, 2015


<electronic application request of start notification form of food business>


 After inquiring for format to perform Notifecations of food business by email, the person in charge did not understand procedure.


 We performed well-known enforcement about procedure for the person in charge of Public Health and Welfare Office.

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[agriculture and forestry fisheries business and industry]

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July, 2015


<about heated premium gift certificate which Saga breeds in>


 You should set frame which person with a disability takes first priority and can purchase.


 We asked to show the consideration for all of you of sale place about the substitute purchase to be concerned with impaired people.

July, 2015


<hospitality and request to tourist to Yoshinogari Historical Park>


 Would you like to install tourist brochure in wicket of Yoshinogari-Koen Station?


 In consultation with railroad company, we installed brochures of Yoshinogari Historical Park near Kanzaki Station, wicket of Yoshinogari-Koen Station.

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[the making of prefectural soil]

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April, 2015


<about crossing of the Ogi Station north side>


 We confirm state of crossing of the Ogi Station north side in attending school time of primary schoolchild and want the dangerous situation to improve.


 School asked to have you instruct so that child passed without going along danger point.

 In addition, we proceeded to the field in attending school time, and hometown confirmed that it was instructed not to go along dangerous point with teacher.

April, 2015


<about management of Shinrinkoen amusement park>


 As there is place where there is puddle near playground equipment after the rain, we want you to improve.


 We supplemented puddle moiety with sand as emergency measure and took measures that we could not dig the ground as permanent countermeasures.

 In addition, we supplemented the removal and sand of water when we strengthened patrol after the rain and discovered puddle.

July, 2015


<about parking lot of green forest baseball field managed by prefecture>


 There is not, and vehicle of person concerned with management of baseball stadium should use parking space of distant place near entrance of parking lot.


 Depending on the situation of meeting, we reduced parking number of person concerned with management and decided to allow person concerned with meeting to use.

 At the time of meeting holding, we built more instruction indication to the person concerned parking lot and asked for cooperation about the appropriate use of parking lot.

July, 2015


<lighting construction of prefectural road Route 48, paving work of Route 263 (old road)>


 About construction carried out on prefectural road and national highway, signboard or detour guidance are insufficient.


 Even if it was short construction, we taught installing construction signboard and origin-destination and signboard setting to position easy to find, setting of detour guidance when traffic jam was assumed.

 In addition, we shortened consideration to construction time, construction extension and did other than setting of appropriate reputation so that traffic jam accompanied with construction decreased.

November, 2015


About figure of <city planning >


 As you do not know where the figure of city planning is in homepage, would you like to launch exclusive sites?


 We made page called "city planning area in Saga" newly in homepage of the prefecture and did link to homepage of municipalities which opened figure of city planning to the public clearly.

December, 2015


<matter of the sidewalk widening construction of prefectural road Route 332>


 About dangerous point of prefectural road Route 332, you should do the sidewalk widening construction.


 About point you pointed out, we decided to carry out Traffic safety countermeasures by road surface indication immediately.

December, 2015


About the opening of a gate time of parking lot of <museum>

 We want you to empty the opening of a gate time of parking lot of museum at 6:00 a.m.


 On the basis of the early-morning use situation, we did the opening of a gate time of museum west parking lot with from 6:00 a.m.

January, 2016


<cleaning of Saga Airport counter ceiling>

 As dust collects on roof of airline counter of Saga Airport, you should do correspondence such as cleaning.


 We cleaned immediately about point you pointed out and we would increase cleaning frequency than before in future and decided to be improved.

February, 2016


<about cooperation of each means of transportation>

 On day of heavy snow, means of transportation are disturbed and want you to improve as the service situation of bus was in trouble without it being revealed in bus center.


 We pressured proprietor to work on improvement of the system of reporting and asked so that the service situation of bus did notice about site "Kyushu vehicle info" where it was revealed for bus center.

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[education, culture, sports]

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 Contents which we reflected

April, 2015


<about Saga General Athletic Field management>


 As management of locking and lighting of warehouse, outdoor leaving of article, management of planting have a problem, you should improve.


 About what you pointed out, we were improved after confirmation to designated manager. In addition, we instructed designated manager to do appropriate facility management.

April, 2015


<matter of clumsiness of business papers of special support school>


 As distribution of report card and documents is slow, in a certain special support school, we want you to teach for school.


Report card taught the handling that arrived to protector by methods such as delivery by hand or mail with system of certifying delivery surely before term.

About documents which were behind with distribution, we extended return day from protector and instructed to cope even if after time limit.

 We instructed to list e-mail address of school so that inquiries from protector were accepted.

April, 2015


<about notices in Kyushu Ceramic Museum>

 As poster and reputation in hall do not match atmosphere of hall, you should be improved.


 It was minimal and reduced poster and signboard and installed instruction signature along image of thing installed in building replacing with this newly.

July, 2015


About photography in <Saga Prefectural art museum >


 You should maintain regulations if you admit photography in art museum to match the current situation.


 We put contents about photography of Saga Prefectural museum and Saga Prefectural art museum material handling regulations together in the current situation and revised.

July, 2015


<about management of park of prefectural art museum>

 About park around the prefectural art museum, it is disappointing as it is lacking in management.


 To event, we improved to carry out neighboring weeding and cleaning, check and cleaning of restroom.

September, 2015


About safety of <pool under prefectural management >


 In the pool under prefectural management, we do not watch by monitoring chair, and the monitoring system has a problem.


 For designated manager, we always watched from machan and we improved service manner of the staff and taught about appropriate administration again.

November, 2015


<Saga General Athletic Field second supporting ground >


 As the second supporting ground of Ken-Sogoundojo is rough, can you not be improved? In addition, may we use other grounds?


 For designated manager, we guided maintenance of appropriate ground. In addition, we informed of gridiron which planned renewal coming to be available in future.

January, 2016


<about setting of directional marker to prefectural art museum>

 Near The Prefectural Library, we want you to install directional marker to prefectural art museum.


 We adjusted guidance signboard of The Prefectural Library neighborhood.

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[the public, others administrative]

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December, 2015


<about staff of prefectural authorities parking lot and visitor parking lot opening>


 Staff of prefectural authorities uses the staff parking lot for wait with acquaintance. If that is permitted, you should leave the staff parking lot open to citizen of the prefecture.


 As the staff parking lot was not doing opening to citizens of the prefecture, there was not non-appropriate parking such as indication or decided to strengthen confirmation by guard.

March, 2016


Traffic violation> of <mechanic company

 As worker of construction of prefectural government building ignored signal in the morning in crossing, we want you to warn.


 We taught development of preventive measures against reprimand and recurrences to construction supplier after checking fact.

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