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New cooperation support project

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 With "new cooperation"

  Company differing in the field of the business to perform cooperates with new cooperation (called "the field of different field cooperation new business reclamation" by the medium and small-sized business new operation promotion method) organically and puts the financial resources (we say resources applied in facilities, technically personal knowledge to have and skill or other operation) together effectively and says that we plan reclamation of the field of business that is new by performing new operation. (law Article 2 Paragraph 7 extract)

 Support measure is prepared for to support new cooperation business.


(Germany) from medium and small-sized business base maintenance mechanism administration "J-Net21" HP

Explanation of figure

We share financial resources such as know-how, technique that accumulated in the field of business varying in plural companies such as medium and small-sized business and university, research organization, NPO, association differing in the field of business and are that by performing operation (new operation) to make possible for the first time as they fuse, new demand performs business reclaimed to a considerable degree.


With new operation

  1. Development of new product or offer 
  2. Development of new labor (service) or offer
  3. New production of products or introduction of sale method
  4. Introduction or other operation of method of new offer of labor (service)


Assistance measures after authorization



  Commerce, service competitiveness reinforcement cooperation support project: Small company assists a part of expense of other companies and university, innovative service development to perform in cooperation with public research organizations medium and small-sized business. (subsidy limit 30 million yen, supporting rate less than two-thirds)


  • Financing facility by governmental financial institution: About funds for equipment based on business plan that received authorization and operating funds, governmental financial institution finances at preferential interest rate.
  • Advancement financing facility: About funds for equipment such as production, fabrication plant necessary for business that 4 people or more cooperate and perform, small and medium size mechanism finances in cooperation with the metropolis and districts (no interest).

Credit guarantee

 Exception of credit guarantee: When small and medium sized enterprise operator borrows money from financial institution, in system that association of credit guarantee makes debt guarantee, small and medium sized enterprise operator can receive the next measures.
  • Decision outside the standard of setting such as normal guarantees
In addition to security 200 million yen, unsecured guarantee 80 million yen, particularly small guarantee 12.5 million yen, current assets security financing guarantee 200 million yen, we can usually receive guarantee of the same amount in decision outside the standard of each.
  • Limit frame expansion of new business development security
Limit of new business reclamation security is increased to 400 million yen (600 million yen from association 400 million yen) from 200 million yen.

Other support measures

Exception of medium and small-sized business investment upbringing company: When small and medium sized enterprise operator performing business performs increase of capital, we are added to investment of investment upbringing company even if it is company more than capital 300 million yen.
Reduction of taxes measures of patent royalty: When medium and small-sized business applies for a patent about result by research and development business about technique, half price can reduce query charges, patent royalty (first ... ten years).
 We furnish with fund required for industrialization of authorized new cooperation plan.


To take authorization





The new cooperation business authorization situation (as of October, 2013) of Saga

  Authorized time Core company name Themes
1 July, 2005 Yamachu
Production and sales of lightweight reinforcement porcelain by groundbreaking potter's clay
2 February, 2006 Iida socks
Industrialization of inner product which we applied parts ideally comfortable pressure to
3 February, 2006 Fukusen kiln
We commercialize professional know-how to fill up consumers needs in prominent technique in ceramics tradition technique
4 July, 2006 sagashiki print
Industrialization of heavy metal insolubilization solvent which assumed calcium hydroxide and sulfur raw materials and processing system
5 November, 2007 Tsukamoto laboratory
Remote-control interlocking movement type, marketing of TV cabinet with auto-door
6 March, 2008 Kumamoto Denki Kogyo         [Kanzaki-shi] Production and sales of "Shine Bright" realizing cost cut fishing lamp system
7 August, 2008

Flaw newly


Industrialization of parking lot management support system
8 December, 2008

Mitani MICRONIX Kyushu company


Industrialization of high-precision high-definition screen mask which we applied sputtering combination iontophoretic technique to
9 December, 2008 Fukuoka construction
Industrialization of manhole construction system (V hall method) which is shaft-free
10 January, 2009



Industrialization of reward card system (KeePo) utilizing cell-phone


March, 2009

Green techno 21


Production and sales business of recycling product which made good use of eggshell


October, 2013



Industrialization about prevention of "the spread, diffusion of disease-causing germs that we go through people" in the stock raising industry


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