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Plan display "Saga meteorological observatory Meiji - meteorological observatory before the war"

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 On August 1, 1890, "Saga, Saga district meteorological observatory" which was forerunner of current Saga region meteorological observatory was established by Saga-jo Castle castle tower trace and started observation duties.

 We performed display that we got job of meteorological observatory before being transferred to country in transmission method of weather forecast and warning at the time, 1939 including duties at the time of the army large-scale maneuver.

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Saga notification No. 56

(July 31, 1890)


 It received position designation of meteorological observatory by Imperial ordinance in 1887, but there was much expenditure of local taxes in those days, and it was June 10, 1890 three years later that government building new construction of meteorological observatory began. It is from August 1, the same year that we started observation duties.

 At the time of warning official announcement of strong wind invasion, we posted red paper on county city hall and police station in those days.

Weather chart

(November 6, 1926)


 It is weather chart which Saga meteorological observatory put in shozo*satsu "army special large-scale maneuver relations" (1926) made.

 The army special large-scale maneuver was carried out in Ogi, Kanzaki on 18th from November 16, 1926. Receptionist was in charge of matter about weather, and meteorological observation engineer of Saga meteorological observatory became receptionist weather chief and performed sending of notice and weather chart of weather forecast to each site in relations such as the Imperial Headquarters.


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