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Introduction of historic document

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In this hotel, we can read the following historic document.     Photograph: Historic document             
(at the end of 2015, there are about 15,000.)

・Document about important measure of the prefecture
・Document about new establishment, change of organization of the prefecture and system or the abolition

・Document about generalization result of Surveys or statistics
・Document about established regulation such as by-law, rules
・Thing which is important in document about meetings such as the council, examination committee
・Document about jurisdiction, local government system of the prefecture
・Thing which is important in permission, the authorization, license, document about approval or other administrative action (except thing about individual)
・Document which reflects main event, case in the prefecture, prefectural government such as disasters or the social situation 
・Thing which is important with periodical literature or other printed matter
・Document that it is admitted that we have value as other history materials



☆About the use of Government Archives



Historic documentation introduction

Training guide With new window(437KB, PDF file) from Nagasaki

kan*kodozo With new window(478KB, PDF file)

National treasure repair With new window(129KB, PDF file)

sekihigashijihofuruiwazawaisekikakaritsuzuri With new window(273KB, PDF file)

Rice ni of earthquake disaster and boseru influence ni futeri* With new window(43KB, PDF file)

*gakumahonshikajishimakoreyakusenshijimmei* With new window(50KB, PDF file)

1874 position summary With new window(104KB, PDF file)

Hayato Nabeshima memorandum With new window(106KB, PDF file)

Meteorological observatory government management transfer With new window(63KB, PDF file)

Child Abuse Prevention Law With new window(261KB, PDF file)

Prefectural government building building works documents With new window(76KB, PDF file)

The fifth Monkey Imperial rescript With new window(312KB, PDF file) (190KB, PDF file)

Rainstorm damage Imperial bounty With new window(58KB, PDF file)

Vassal of merit, meishi*haka*meishokyuatocho With new window(44KB, PDF file)

Furrow side warship-built monument contribution documents With new window(418KB, PDF file)

chomuraenkawani* through documents With new window(726KB, PDF file)

gunyakusho*shiniseki through documents With new window(595KB, PDF file)

jihozeini* through rules With new window(1,105KB, PDF file)

Royal gift gold contribution documents (1918) with bei*bo*niseki through relief two With new window(258KB, PDF file)

shojogunkineshimagunjosan*dokaiirihogashoruitsuzuri (1895) With new window(335KB, PDF file)



★Reference: Scenery (photograph) of Saga of around 1911★

(Saga The Prefectural Library possession material)

*ga***cho (1) With new window(1,672KB, PDF file)

*ga***cho (2) With new window(2,045KB, PDF file)

*ga***cho (3) With new window(2,078KB, PDF file) 

*ga***cho (4) With new window(2,635KB, PDF file)

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