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    Saga Prefectural Government Archives is opened as usual

    In addition, we sterilize ventilation or desk in reading room for the infection prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease regularly in this hotel. We would appreciate your understanding.

    In addition, in the users, we have you note brisk hand-washing, wearing of mask, a cough etiquette, and I would like cooperation.



    Plan display "is sent of Saga by radio - Saga of TV, Saga! History of Showa of local broadcast extends holding for the time being

     "It is dispatch from material exhibition radio - Saga of TV, Saga of Saga that it was said that it is held until Sunday, March 29, 2020! About history of Showa - of local broadcast, we extend holding for the time being.

     In addition, we were doing "- from material exhibition Tokyo Olympics Paralympics and Saga -1964 to 2020" from Thursday for nine days in 2020 if scheduled, but will postpone holding of information exhibition with postponement of holding of 2020 Tokyo Olympics Paralympics.


    • Plan exhibition flyer


    Saga Prefectural Government Archives summary

     We can have citizens of the prefecture read historic documents such as official document, administration information about prefecture from the Meiji period that the prefecture preserves in Saga Prefectural Government Archives.

    With historic document...

    • When there was historic value in document which passed, preservation period evaluated 30 years among fixity of tenure documents
    • When there was value among decided documents of the disposal by preservation termination of the term historically, we placed.  


    Historic document introduction

     In addition, there is thing which we cannot read from the viewpoint of personal information protection partly.

    About the use of Government Archives

    From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Closed day

    Every Monday (the next day becomes closing when Monday is holiday.)

    New Year holidays (from December 29 to December 31, from January 1 to January 3)

    In addition, we may be closed temporarily.

    The location  

    〒840-0041 1-6-5, Jonai, Saga-shi prefectural government office south the second floor of the hall

    The Saga municipal bus sixth, the 24th, the 25th bus takes by bus from JR Saga Station bus center when you come. About ten minutes. Getting off in front of Saga Television Station.
    When you come by car, please use parking lot in front of the prefectural office south annex or visitor parking lot.
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