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Plan display "- welcome - to Saga Univ. exhibition in SAGA EXPO '69"

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 "Saga Univ. exhibition" that featured the theme of agriculture in old agricultural experimental station ruins (current Ken-Sogoundojo) was started on March 20, 1969 under Saga and Nishi-Nippon Shimbun, the cosponsorship with Saga Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives for 60 days until May 18. Maine was lined with pavilions which symbolized industry, culture, modern science including ceramics building and the Hall of Science by display that was main industry of this prefecture about agriculture, and about 900,000 arrived during period. We introduced state of exhibition from material of "*gadaihaku*kaisekikakaritsuzuri" of hall possession.

 [session: for from February 18, 2015 to May 24]




Main display material introduction

Hiroshi Saga scenario plan B (in photograph), C (photograph bottom)

November, 1967, March, 1968


 Nishi-Nippon Shimbun worked on Saga and the Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives (existing JA Saga), and Saga Univ. exhibition was held under the cosponsorship by trilateralism. There was not only "" "" to hear to see as before, and the visitors put emphasis in "" experience-shaped exhibition to participate, and to enjoy and thing that the cause of purpose that we introduced development and technique of agriculture to in modern times, the exhibition secretariat did, and, on the stage of 1965, 1966 and Saga who got the best U.S. making of in Japan two years in a row, they made scenario plan.

 Including sponsorship three persons, major companies, National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the whole country, about 230 groups including local industry exhibited.

"Agriculture building of native district" illustrated map in total

(from *satsu "*gadaihaku*kaisekikakaritsuzuri" Hiroshi Saga scenario C) 



 In this pavilion which Saga exhibited entirely, the future was introduced at the present in the past of this prefectural agriculture to make rapid progress as advanced agriculture area.

 Other than each corner of "the making of number one in Japan rice" that solved secret of the best making of rice in Japan "the making of rice local history" to trace step of prefectural agriculture 100 years "agriculture of Meiji" that reproduced farming implements and farmhouse of the Meiji era, plan of movement and river of the modernization of agriculture mainly on mandarin orange and mountain development was displayed.

 Saga Univ. exhibition report (1969)

Tengu Taniko kiln model drawing

(than *satsu "*gadaihaku*kaisekikakaritsuzuri" ceramics building plan) 



 Demonstration of potter's wheel molding and painting was carried out other than display such as excellent articles to ceramics building day after day, too.

 Model (replica) of Tengu Taniko ruins of a kiln said to that we baked porcelain for the first time in Japan was installed in entrance immediate place. Student of Arida technical high school ceramics study club wrote 1 per 40 drawing from 1 per 400 survey map and produced with polyester resin. It became symbol of ceramics building with exhibit of the sole high school student production in exhibition.


Public information saga back cover
Back cover of "public information saga" at the time


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