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Plan display "living - under unrest and occupation of postwar Saga 1 - defeat"

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 In 1945, population increased by inflows such as people of person of demobilization, repatriate, transference in the prefecture with the end of the war and had lack of life requisite supplies and house. Stationing by GHQ began while citizen of the prefecture was upset about defeat. We displayed official document at the time about state of postwar Saga. [session: for from May 29, 2015 to September 6]




Main display material introduction


Cannonball payment bottom Cannonball return

Request for clothing transfer no matter for returnee ni supply (exchange)
(November 27, 1945)


 It is request book given to Saga the Governer by Nagasaki Branch Manager Joriku.

 As there were many people of war damage in Nagasaki, lack of supplies was serious, too. Repatriate from the south goes ashore as clothing for summer, and it is written that change of clothes wants you to transfer thing to have room with clothing which Saga has because it is expected that we do not have elsewhere.

Cannonball payment lower application

(September 3, 1946)


 It is drafting documents when we applied under cannonball payment to Saga military administration department from the prefecture (the photograph left). We are doing request for permission to use cannonballs in old munitions factory to produce daily necessities. 273 rocket bomb bodies which we applied for then, warhead 3,197 were returned on June 3 in the next year by occupation army (the photograph right).


Postwar material
Processing-related material after the war

Language study ability examination examination paper



 For new hire of Japanese (interpreter, translation, technical person, advisor, typist, office worker) who worked in local administrative organ "Saga military administration department" of the allied forces general headquarters (GHQ) and person who already hoped for retake in kakyuchu, ability for language study examination was carried out.

 As for the interpreter, translation examined ability for writing ability for conversation examination and person who engaged in other duties was which or took an entrance examination for examination to hope for and was done kakyu amount of money of 10-50% of salary depending on result of examination.


Weapon processing
 Weapon processing Committee transfer documents



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