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"Storm and flood damage that hit Saga"

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 In the prefecture, large-scale storm and flood damage often occurred around Saga plains, Shiraishi plains that were low level ground that had difficulty in natural drainage in the past. We traced records such as the situation and relief, support of such a past damage, approach of the prefecture for restoration, disaster prevention and displayed in total at time when storm and flood damage was easy to occur by invasions of activation and typhoon of seasonal rain front during one year.


 [display period]

 From Tuesday, July 3, 2012 to Sunday, September 30, 2012


 [display scenery]


 Photograph 1 of display  Photograph 1 of book
 Photograph 2 of book


    Photograph 2 of display  Photograph 3 of display



 [display material]

Display panel (1) "main record (the Meiji period later) of storm and flood damage in Saga"

The display panel (2) "20, Showa generation when storm and flood damage was frequent" 

 ・ "Disaster real facts report caused by June, 2016 heavy rain" "Ariake Sea overall development 6"

 ・   "Saga disaster flash" (the original and duplicate)

Display panel (3) "typhoon and a series of storms invasion large-scale in the summer of 1956"

 ・ "August 17, 1956 typhoon No.9, end of August, 1956 heavy rain, damage general condition by September 10, 1956 typhoon No.12 disaster and countermeasures" "Ariake Sea overall development 12"

Display panel (4)

 "Documents pertaining to 1914 rainstorm damage Imperial bounty distribution,

    The Self-Defense Forces disaster relief operation request in July, 1962 Oura disasters"

 ・ "Style of rainstorm damage" (for person in charge of August 25, 1914 disaster ni ru)

        "Of gosukui*kinshitatamamono than Lord Steward of the Household" "each hundreder he according to orders information no matter"

                     "Relations (documents pertaining to rainstorm damage Imperial bounty distribution) such as prefectural assembly County Councils"

Display panel (5)

 "Landslide occurrence large-scale by July, 1957 heavy rain in Imari,

   Establishment in prefectural disaster prevention council by-law based on Disaster Laws in October, 1962"

 ・  "1963 Saga regional plan for disaster prevention handwriting" "overall development 1"

For display panel (6) "prefectural soil which is rich by security"

  ・     25 points of hazard map of each municipality

Photograph display

  ・     Ten points of photographs about storm and flood damage of the crisis management public relations section

  ・     "Collection of Judith typhoon disaster photographs in August, 1949" "collection of Judith typhoon disaster Gion River restoration photographs in August, 1949" (borrow Saga The Prefectural Library storehouse, duplicate for display, and display)



Photograph of report 

  "Disaster Minoru phase report caused by June, 1953 heavy rain"


Saga that was annoyed by storm and flood damage almost every year acted as the situation of cause and disaster of flood of this time in analysis, Surveys of the actual situation scientifically to establish preventive measures against floods.

This report becomes from "summary of disaster" "natural environment of Saga" "heavy rain and item of the flood" "Higashimatsuura Ogi Kishima Fujitsu-gun landslide survey" "damage situation".



Photograph 1 of documents Photograph 2 of documents

  "Documents pertaining to rainstorm damage Imperial bounty distribution"


 For rainstorm damage that attacked Saga in August, 1914, gosukui* (contribution) 1,200 yen will be granted than Their Majesties Emperor, empress.

Than Lord Steward of the Household, damage advisory of each county, standard table of dividend by degree of damage, identification of grant receipt of afflicted people are put.


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