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 When, in railroad having run for the first time in Saga, Kyushu railroad company let railroad open from Fukuoka in Chitose river (Kurume-shi) in 1889 about 120 years ago.
 We introduced Kyushu railroad, Karatsu railroad, Kitakyusyu railroad which had begun to run in the prefecture from the Meiji Taisho era period and railroad in Saga using relations information which this hotel including Saga line for the Showa period possessed at the time. [session: for from January 16, 2014 to April 20]



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Kishima orbit dossierSaga Line relations (the Chikugo River bridge drawing)


(January 17, 1893)


  For planned line between Saga - Takeo - Sasebo where Kyushu railroad has already caught permission, 114 supporters of Ogi, Higashimatsuura, Nishimatsuura-gun are petitions which hoped for track change so that railroad passes in the district.
 In supporter, it shows Kotaro Oshima, Denbee Miyajima, the name of sojoikorekichi of Karatsu railroad, Kitakyusyu railroad in the back, too.

 Kishima orbit
(from 1919 to 1925)


 Track is train service laid by road. 
 Projection personality, request for orbit laying patent were submitted with figures of locomotive 40 Yamaguchi county six others in 1919.

 However, track of application reached parallel to planned line (current Hizenyamaguchi - Hizenryuo interval) of Japanese National Railways, and permission might not go down Nishikata side probably because we were concerned about blow to *tokukido which ran.

 The Chikugo River bridge drawing



 Documentation about the fourth mechanic ward (Saga Station - Morotomi) and the third mechanic ward (the Morotomi - Hanamune River) is spelled in "*gasensekikakari*satsu".

 As for the Chikugo River bridge, the Hanamune River bridge was movable bridge of splash open type the ceremony of going up and down. 

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